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Indian VC denies Letter to Pak VC

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Panjab University Chandigarh VC Prof. Raj Kumar says he has written no letter to PU Lahore VC Prof. Niaz Ahmad

Propaganda being made on social media is fake: Indian varsity

By Shabbir Sarwar

LAHORE (Friday, April 26, 2019): A letter related to Panjab University Chandigarh, India and Punjab University, Lahore Pakistan, which is being made viral on social media in India and Pakistan, has finally proved as fake and fraudulent, according to Indian official sources and evidence received to The Educationist from India here on Friday.

Panjab University Chandigarh, India Vice Chancellor Prof. Raj Kumar has categorically denied sending any such letter to PU Lahore vice chancellor said. He told The Educationist that: “No such letter/email as mentioned in the trailing email has been issued/sent/written by this office as per our knowledge.”

According to details, a so-called letter which was claimed to sent by Panjab University Chandigarh, India Vice Chancellor Prof. Raj Kumar to Punjab University Lahore, Pakistan Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Niaz Ahmad Akhtar has proved mere a baseless and false propaganda.

The Educationist, contacted the vice chancellors of both the universities to verify the real status of letter. However, interestingly, both the vice chancellors denied exchange of any such communication in the form of any letter or email, contrary to the claims being made in multiple posts which were getting viral ans still prominent on social media including Facebook and WhatsApp.

In this connection, The Educationist Editor sent a formal email to PU Chandigarh Vice Chancellor.

Following is the text of email sent to India by Editor The Educationist:

Professor Raj Kumar
Vice Chancellor 
Panjab University 
Chandigarh160 014, India
In the year 2016, our two reporters visited PU Chandigarh on the special invitation of the then vice chancellor Dr. Arun Kumar Grover. We published his full page interview in The Educationist, premiere education newspaper of Pakistan. We also interviewed Mr. Ram Parkash Bambah, a fellow of Nobel Laureate Dr. Abdus Salam. Actually Dr. Arun Grover, helped us to reach to Dr. Bambah, who also remained VC PU Chandigarh. 

We would also like to interview you once ongoing political temperature cools down after the Indian elections and things get to normalcy.  

Sir, at the moment, the important thing is that we have received a letter through WhatsApp. The text of this letter claims that its written by yourself mentioning your name and designation as VC PU Chandigarh and addressed to Vice Chancellor University of the Punjab, Lahore, mentioning his name and designation. 
The letter tries to draw a comparison between PU Chandigarh and PU Lahore. It  uses negative language and attacks PU Lahore on certain issues.
Also, there are many other things, which are highly objectionable in this letter.        
For our investigation report purpose, we hereby want to confirm whether, actually you have written this or any letter to PU Lahore vice chancellor Dr Niaz Ahmad Akhtar? 
If yes, we will send some important questions for our report, and if no, this will help dispel false propaganda being made with your name. 
Please response back as soon as possible. 


Shabbir Sarwar, Editor The Educationist, Lahore, Pakistan

Prof. Raj Kumar,
PU VC (Chandigarh)

Response of PU Chandigarh VC

(The Editor, The Educationist, Lahore, Pakistan)

No such letter/email as mentioned in the trailing email has been
issued/sent/written by this office as per our knowledge.

(Professor Raj Kumar,
Vice Chancellor, Panjab University 
Chandigarh160 014, India

Similarly, when contacted PU VC Dr. Niaz Ahmad Akhtar and PU Spokesman Khurram Shahzad termed the “letter” as a false and baseless propaganda against Punjab University Lahore, Pakistan.

Prof. Dr Niaz Ahmad,
VC PU (Lahore)

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