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International Students Social Responsibility Conference 2016

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(SSR) Students’ Social Responsibility presents (ISSRC) International Students Social Responsibility Conference 2016.
(SSR) Students’ Social Responsibility presents (ISSRC) International Students Social Responsibility Conference 2016.


FAIDA Foundation welcomes domestic & global community to our first International Students Social Responsibility Conference 2016. We believe that your support will help us achieve our objective to foster global awareness in creating a socially responsible and a peaceful world. Join the first ever grand idea which will change everything around us.


Youth’s participation in solving social problems has the potential to promote the development of personal and collective identity to develop a sense that one can make difference in society by being socially responsible or by working with the concern for society’s well-being.

Students’ social responsibility is the responsibility of every student for his/her actions. It is morally binding, and suggests that each pefinal-posterrson act in such a way that minimizes the adverse effect to those immediately around them. It is a commitment everyone should have towards the society – contributing towards social, cultural and ecological causes. SSR is based on an individual’s ethics. Instead of giving importance only to those areas where one has material interests, the student will develop an internal alarm which will remind him/her to support iss
ues for philanthropic reasons. It forms the basis for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) because if everyone in a business organization does his/her bit, the bigger things automatically fall into place. The trends however show that big charitable organizations recorded high growth due to the philanthropic efforts of individuals and not corporations or the government. ISR may be slightly impractical, especially in the modern competitive world, where everyone works for self-interest, but it will succeed if we take decisions based on what will benefit a large number of people and respect everyone’s fundamental rights.

Today, there are many acti11063736_926420877452351_1805056262646391818_nvities that students take initiatives for the betterment of the society. We have seen that students of the younger classes are taking steps to plant trees and thus promoting awareness programs about protecting trees and the importance of planting trees for the coming generations. There a
re activities where students promote for the awareness of old age and rescue shelters. College going students take the initiatives to help the old and abandoned people on the streets and get them to a rescue shelter or homes that provide proper food, clothing and medication for them.

Hence, students form the very core of the society to bring a change. One of the most effective ways to prepare students to be more responsible leaders is to give them opportunities to get engaged in activities within and outside their communities. FAIDA has created different projects which provide students with the opportunity to get engaged with the local, less privileged cossr21mmunities under the programme “Students’ Social Responsibility”.









The reality is when millions of students will volunteer from around the world to recognize and commit towards their social responsibility.


K-3 SHAHEEN  Management C0.  & Faida foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to provide opportunities to the students & social activists for indoor & outdoor activities. K-3 SHAH

K-3 SHAHEEN Management C0. & Faida foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to provide opportunities to the students & social activists for indoor & outdoor activities. K-3 SHAHEEN will also promote SSR & ISSRC concept and organize different events & seminars for youth development.

EEN will also promote SSR & ISSRC concept and organize different events & seminars for youth development.

This MOU will also empower students & social activists to work on various projects, campaigns, and educational initiatives. Acting Director FAIDA MR. BILAL AHMED  AWAN , CEO K-3 SHAHEEN MR SHAYAN ABDULLAH KHAN KAKAR  signed the MOU.  Mr. Syed Ali Faizan will be the focal person for activities from FAIDA & while Managing Director K-3 Shaheen Miss. Shazoona Khurram will coordinate in the activities.

For the development of social sector in Pakistan other leading NGO’S are part of FAIDA Foundation like

Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan, AKS Society UET , LUMUN SRP (LUMS),TABA,  YDO, Youth Development Organization.

Students Social Responsibility Step towards Global Social Responsibility Forum by ISSRC!

Bilal Ahmed Awan (Director FAIDA Foundation)
Bilal Ahmed Awan (Director FAIDA Foundation)

Student?? Were you a student at any phase of your life? If yes! Did you play your role efficiently & effectively? STOP!! Take a pause, think and ask yourself: did you benefit nation or humanity or society?If YES, you played your role well.

Students are the main element of future of a nation. If students are empowered on a right tract they can prove to be shining stars for a successful nation. FAIDA Foundation, being unique and unlike other NGOs, has marked a place and level in ideas, implementations by professionalism & character building of individuals through introduction of a different system of working in which FAIDA achieves excellence in ambitions by empowering individuals through undoubtedly, worth following & praising ways to make individuals socially responsible. FAIDA introduces new vision & perspectives by inculcating in individuals sense of social responsibility for strong nation building by working under various projects like SSR, Micro Finance     career Counselling etc led by FAIDA foundation. These projects workout in career counseling of students as well as teachers, training of teachers, medical facilities and development of social responsibilities among students. Student Social Responsibility (SSR) is a project that exclusively runs to act on   CBMs (Confidence Building Measures) for students for their proper counseling, development of sense to act responsibly in community and respond with proper guiding with sense to speak with Right Words at Right Time. Socially responsible students love to serve community to leave an impact on them for development of better society and nation.

International Student Social Responsibility Conference (ISSRC) is the next step of FAIDA’s project SSR at an International platform to create awareness of social responsibility in all aspects e.g., education, culture, health and all other issues around a student’s community and across the globe also. If we convey message of social responsibility and play our role by making our society socially responsible it’s for sure that there will be no poverty, no needy or helpless person. There won’t be any orphan, there won’t be any orphanages or old homes all people will be like a happy family. Let’s take initiative to build a happy family so that no one will have tears on loosing sons, on loosing dear ones, there will be many sons and daughters to give support to their parents, to wipe tears of each other, to share happiness and love. We, FAIDA Foundation, have taken initiative! Will you students play your role with us to make a happy socially responsible family worldwide with us…? Let’s build a FAMILY and show the world that we are socially responsible.

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