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Learning with colouring (Part I)

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Samar Qureshi

Colours are the fist and the beginning language of this universe. From the start of life. These are the essence to reenergize the bounteous courage of a person. Colours absorb our soul in their ravish style.

Colours are the dewdrop blessing of Allah on Earth. Nature is full of colours. Flowers shades, lush green meadows having soothing effects on our entire thinking. Fresh cool shades and tones of colored areas impressively brings out a depressed person from dark past to enlighten future.

Human can never disagree with the colours importance and their powerful effects on human psychology. When we get dull from our routine life and want some cheerful change to refill with new energy, colours are the cure.  

Unforgettable memories, we often plan to visit some other places, our planning often depends on the colour patterns the scenic picnic spots.

Many a time in life we become depressed and even unable to see any ray of light in life but we have to be positive because:

“There is always a heavy storm before the bright colored (VIBGOYR) rainbow”

From the beginning of his life a baby understands language of colours. It is very difficult for him to understand and absorb words. Baby’s complete world revolves around colours. The colour of toys catches baby’s attention. He all learns only from these colorfull things.

Toys are of very fascinating and amazingly eye-catching combination of colour scheme. The kids play in their schools, at first level class and automatically learn with the help of colours. hem. A simple sketch of drawing has no meaning unless it gets filled with colours.  

French Poet, Author, Critic Charles Baudelaire (1821–1867) says:

“Color… thinks by itself, independently of the object it clothes.”

Teachings of primary school in many countries planed their initial learning specially based on colours. That’s how kids will learn quicker and in easy way. We can learn, seek, understand, convey or receive message; to guide, to aware, to keep away and to warn with these colours as well. as we know it is a universal language, the traffic lights or signals, the no go area is mentioned by red colour, the availability of water is shown by the blue drop of water symbol.

All countries flag colours are very important, like Pakistani flag is green and white, Chinese flag is red and yellow.

Deaf and dump students are educated with colours and signs which help them lead their life independently. In Pakistan there is more rapid work in the field of colours but unfortunately no much work to educate the children through colours. It is necessary because only colours form the deep ideas and permanent impressions in any brain of human being.

 As Pierre Bonnard  (1867–1947), a French painter and printmaker said:

“Drawing is feeling. Color is an act of reason.”


The necessity of colour can never be ignored. Colours have their own but sweetheart language. Many poets agree on …

وجود زن سے ہے تصویر کائنات میں رنگ

اسی کے ساز سے ہے زندگی کا سوز دروں


Where the name of women, there colours automatically came into the mind. Colours give us the continuity and hope for life. The man sometime show his feeling and untold situations by colours. Allah has beautifully mixed the nature of human with sensitive shades of colours. It is the life line for human.

All colours have their different meaning in grief and in happiness.  


Grief                                       Happiness

White:             pations                                     hope

Blue:               calmness                                  positive thinking

Brown:            stay to the root                        to build new

Black:              deep sorrow                             search new

Pink:                be aware                                  beauty

Green:             preparation                              step for the next

Yellow:           sensitivity                                beginning

Red:                anger/ aggression                    dedicated to love

Orange:           step forward                            revolution


 The writer is graduate of Political Science from Punjab University and she can be reached at: [email protected]

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