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Mission Flying Out : Study Masters in Germany Part 2

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By Moeez Saleem

Part 2: Benefits & Total cost of German study visa
As i said in previous part that Germany is a safe heaven for students now it’s time to prove it and giving you a total estimate of expenses you have to bear. Germany is in European Union which is an alliance of 27 nations means if you are a german student you can go to any 26 countries by train or flight and you can move your degree to any schengen country . Universities in Germany issues a card on which you can use train free of cost .

Accommodation is cheap in mostly areas , chances of part time jobs are high even with language barrier because mostly people speak German language as it is national language of 6 Schengen countries.

Minimum wage in Germany is 12 Euro per hour and students are allowed to work maximum 20 hours in a week

Germany is offering permanent residences by making changes and relaxing the strict standards to fill the gap of labour shortage. In 3 years Germany is giving permanent residence to the citizens , by just having a german language certificate and a special yearly income. In summer vacations you are allowed to work as much as you want . Public universities are free of cost , if has fees then it is consider to be none . Quality of life in Germany is second to none.

Now discuss the total cost of German study visa process . Verification of documents in Pakistan costs around 3k-5k rupees, notarization of documents will cost you 3k-5k rupees, sending your documents to uni-assist will cost you 75 euros for first time then 35 euros for next time . IELTS approximately lies between 60-90k . After that the main amount is block account’s money that is 11500 euros approximately and it will blocked for a year if you cannot afford this huge amount then apply for scholarships that are fully funded at website DAAD.de . Travel insurance are mostly given free by bank in which you have opened the blocked account.

Then you have almost 2000-2500 euros with you at arrival in Germany for accommodation, shopping, groceries etc . Tickets from Pakistan to Germany range in between 100k-150k rupees . Total expenses in Pakistani currency without the blocked account money is 8 to 9 lac rupees including the expenses of first two months in Germany also . 3.6 million in Pakistani rupees is required for block account approximately depending on the rate of euro but this amount will come back to you after one year . At the end it’s your call , have a safe journey.

The writer is a student of Punjab University BSJS (8th semester) and can be reached at email :[email protected]

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