PM House to be converted into an educational institute

PTI working to change PM house into an institute
By Ali Afzal Khan

Islamabad: (September 13, 2018): Minister of Education and Professional Training Shafqat Mehmood, while addressing a press conference, announced that the government will turn the Prime Minister House into a postgraduate University.

Minister informed about the plans regarding the future of the properties owned by the state. He added that the additional construction will be carried out on the land behind the residence in this regard.

Shafqat Mehmood formed a committee to decide the use of government owned buildings for public interest. He also stated that the PM house spreads over 1,096 kanals and Rs. 470 million is consumed every year for its maintaining. So, PTI government decided to turn PM house into top level institution.

PTI’s chief and Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in his election campaign and public proceedings vowed to convert PM house and Governor House into a top level institution.


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