Zeenat Hussain

I own you, your every movement is mine

To do as I please

Why did you do this why did you do that

Raise your voice, or your eyelid bat

Its our of the question I won’t let you out of my sight

You belong to me only to me, you are my birth right

Just the other day your momentary absence felt like multitude

Was it the toilet or were you astray,

I am suspicious, you I possess.

Do not leave me, I shall feel the betray,

Your look and smile elsewhere, your touch

Are all for me, me only,

From others, to be kept at bay

Do not ever make a start with darling, for another,

It will make the other want to come hither

I feel bold and beautiful in your presence

But am at a loss in your absence

I own, you, you I possess,


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