Prevailing health issues due to growing trend of online gaming in Pakistan


By Aqsa Yaqoob

In the digital world, the online gaming is becoming trend in Pakistan. People plays online games for entertainment purposes or played games when people get tried of daily routine activities. But now people spend more time in playing games online and this activity become the part of people life. As there are many positive effects in people life like some online games educate them, enhancing people vocalbulary skill or developing their imagination.But the growing online gaming trend prevailing health issues on peoples lives. In this article ,we explore the health issues faced by the people whose become the part of this growing trend.
According to the wohlman (2012) in this work entitled “Epic fail ”
“How video games and internet overuse create problems for collage students ,there are several factors that pushed adults especially students to play video games. Another negative effect of video gaming is found in the health of gamer. If gaming overused, this may lead to dry eye, headache, backache, eating irregularities, and sleep distrubance. ”
The online gaming health issues is that Gaming Addiction .The World Health Organizations in June 2018 decleared gaming addiction as a mental disorder. Internet gamin disorder is generally defined as the problematic, excessive use of online games that results in significant impairment to an individual’s ability to function in various life domains over a prolonged period of time. As the addiction of video games increases which may cause depression and anxiety. The addiction effects lack of interest in class, the lack of focus on daily activities because people constantly thinking about the game. People can diagnosed the disorders if they engage in gaming when they fulfilling the daily routine activities or pursuing other interests without regard for the negative consequences. Online playing games also cause eyeside issues. When people playing online games for extended periods of time can cause eye strain.And the long term eye strain can result in reduced the visual abilities such as blurred distance very vision.The Extensive used of phone and computer caused of damaging your vision. The growing trend of online gaming also harm your hearing. The sounds of video games like ludo sounds can damage the tiny hairs in your cochlea , which are responsible for picking up the vibrations and sending them to the brain to be interpreted as sound. So the greatest risk of hearing loss who uses the headsets while playing the games.The online gaming can negatively impact your skin because the online gamer not clean the equipment which they used in playing games might be infected with bacteria and other germs. This may cause skin problems like acne and other skin irritation.The growing trend of online gaming badly effects on physical health. Due to spend more time in playing games on computer or mobile phone may cause carpal tunnel , tendonitis and neck pain. Tendonitis which is painful inflammation of the thick tissue attaches your bone to your muscle. If you do not stop spending too much time playing online video games can also cause neck pain. According to the results of a 2019 survey carried by the Health insurers Mutualites Libers ,16 %of gamers between the age of 12 and 23 reported physical symptoms such as neck pain.Lack of sleep is also effect the people health. Due to the lack of sleep habits you can’t concentrate on any thing. Lack of Sleeping quality may cause attention difficulties ,impulsiveness ,inable to take into account all detail when you making decisions, irritability, changing mood ,lack of motivation. The lack of sleep creates issues for people who playing online gaming for late at night.

According to many studies and researches ,obesity has been linked with playing online games on many occasions. The people spending a lot of time in playing games,they do not take proper diet and exercise and also eat junk food as it is not possible for the game player to stop playing for a moment. The online gaming also have replaced the physical activities such as sports , which is very helpful for increase in body mass index.
Another serious health issues that need tackled is the increase the number of body distortion caused by excessive sitting and playing online games. This is mainly present in the children and young age when body movement is important for the growth of body. The playing of violent online video games promote the aggressive behavior in children’s and young age people . I personally being aggressive while playing ludo. The online gaming negatively impact the people health. Due to the excessive use leads to many issues related to health. These may cause death.


The growing trend of online gaming badly effects on health issues .The trend may cause of many health issues like skin acne, muscle pains, lot of physical issues. The growing trend mentally disturb the people and also physically due to excessive use of mobile phone, computer Tab’s etc. In Pakistan there are some issues due to online games, people attending suicide or the complains about the online game that waste of too much time of children. On July 2020,a teenager committed suicide after missing a task on a famous online game.The online PUBG game negatively impact the children so that the government blocked the PUBG online game.

The writer is a student of M.Sc Digital Media at Institute of Communication Studies ,University of the Punjab ,Lahore ,Pakistan.


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