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PU teacher ‘made’ missing person  

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Students and faculty members demanded the government to ensure immediate recovery of Dr Ishtiaq

Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed Gondal
Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed Gondal

By Asad Saleem

LAHORE: (Friday, November 18, 2016): Punjab University Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre Assistant Professor Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed Gondal and his driver are missing since last one week and there are doubts that some black-window vehicle guys took him away for some questioning, however, family other sources said they were completely unaware and worried about him.

On November 10 Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed Gondal along with his driver left for Johar Town area to meet his close friend, who is also an elected representative of PU ASA, but did not reach there. Dr Ishtiaq and his driver were missing since then.

Earlier this year, Counter Terrorism Department held two other professor of the university without proving any prior information to the university administration.

PUASA Executive body has expressed a serious concern over the misplacement of Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmad Gondal. PUASA said that all university teachers were patriotic Pakistani and they fully support armed forces’ war against terrorism, however, arresting them even without taking administration into confidence was a condemnation act, which cannot be tolerated.  They said if some law enforcement agency has any doubt against any teacher, they may call the same individual in a respectable manner as per the law of the land, our teachers will themselves provide the required information for clearance of doubts, if any.

The students of Punjab University also started a social media campaign “Bring back our teacher ” and demanded the government to ensure immediate recovery of Dr Ishtiaq.

Dr Istiaq is  the writer of a book “The Role of Mosque in Muslim Community”. He has delivered several lectures on Islamic perceptive in Pakistan, US, UAE, Behrain, Kuwait, Denmark,  Saui Arabia, Norway and other countries of the world.

Before joining as Assistant Professor at Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre, he worked as Lecturer at the same centre, while he also worked as Research Associate with Business Research Bureau (BRB) Karachi and as Research Associate with Data Base International (DBI), Islamabad.

He is the Vice-Chairman Ghazali Education Trust (NGO running 239 schools in rural areas of Pakistan), Member Board of Directors: Dar-e-Arqam Schools, Pakistan Member Board of Directors: Ghazali Colleges for Women and Member Board of Directors: Association for Academic Quality (AFAQ) (A renowned NGO working for professional training and curriculum development).

PU teachers, students and his family has demanded immediate contact and release.

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