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ISLAMABAD:A two member bench, headed by Mr. Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, Chief Justice of Pakistan, and comprising Hon’ble Mr. Justice Mushir Alam heard Suo Motu Case No.26 of 2007 with HR Cases and Constitution Petition No.64 of 2009 regarding Deadbeats got loans of 54 billion written off. The case was heard on 13.05.2018 at Supreme Court of Pakistan, Islamabad and the Hon’ble Bench passed the following order:

“As per report of the Commission constituted by this Court, action against 222 individuals / companies (page No.107 of Vol-I of Commission’s Report) has been recommended on account of the fact that the loans were not written-off in accordance with law. Let notice be issued to all 222 individuals / companies per detail provided in part-II of volume-II of the Report of the “Commission on written-off loan” against whom action is recommended for further action; ensure their presence on the next date of hearing and to submit their replies before such date. Office is directed to issue a press release in this behalf. Re-list on 08.06.2018.”

Therefore, in compliance of above Court Order following individuals / companies have been issued notices to ensure their appearance on next date of hearing i.e. 08.06.2018 and submit their replies before such date.
(Bank of Khyber).

1. M/s Afghan Ghee Industries,
2. M/s Imala Ghee Mills.
3. M/s Shahlala Plastic Industries.

(Habib Bank Ltd.).


1. M/s Abbas Engineering,
2. M/s Abbas Steel Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
3. M/s Adamjee Garments (Pvt) Ltd.
4. M/s Ahmed Food Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
5. M/s Ajax Industries (Pvt) Ltd. (Adamjee Group)
6. M/s Al-Abbas Fabricos (Pvt) Ltd.
7. M/s Alif Textile Industries Ltd.
8. M/s Al-Jadeed Textile Mills Ltd.
9. M/s Allama Textile Mills Ltd.
10. M/s Al-Muqeet International
11. M/s Alpha Special Steel Casting
12. M/s Ashraf Impex & M.H. International.
13. M/s Aslam Cotton (G&P) Factory
14. M/s Ayaz Textile Mills (Pvt.) Ltd.
15. M/s Aziz Spinning Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
16. M/s Bolan Beverages (Pvt) Ltd.
17. M/s Continental Beverages (Pvt) Ltd.
18. M/s Continental Rice Mills.
19. M/s Dascon (Pvt) Ltd.
20. M/s Fabritex Industries
21. M/s Farooq Ahmed Cotton Mills Ltd.
22. M/s Ghulam Mohammad Dossul & Company
23. Golden Valley Trading Co. Ltd. (Adamjee Group)
24. M/s Harrapa Textile Mills Ltd.
25. M/s Ibex Textile Mills
26. M/s Industrial Sacks (Pvt) Ltd.
27. M/s Ink Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd.
28. M/s Iram Textile Mills Ltd.
29. M/s Jam Sher Ali Khan
30. M/s Kaisar Arts & Krafts Ltd.
31. M/s Kakasian Feeds (Pvt) Ltd.
32. M/s Kakasian Oil (Pvt) Ltd.
33. M/s Kakasian Packages
34. M/s Karim Cotton Mills Ltd.
35. M/s Karim Silk Mills Ltd.
36. M/s Kashif Steel Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
37. M/s Kassam Sons
38. M/s Dhedi Ind. (Kassam Group)
39. M/s Khalil Jute Mills Ltd.
40. M/s Kiran Enterprises
41. M/s Kotri Textile Mills Ltd.
42. M/s KPL Papers
43. M/s Kurdistan Trading Co.
44. M/s Kwality Paper
45. M/s Latif Shakir Textile Mills Ltd.
46. M/s Lion Steel Industries
47. M/s M.K. Fast (Pvt) Ltd.
48. M/s M.S. Sports Wear
49. M/s Madina Paper & Board Mills Ltd.
50. M/s Marrium Garments (Pvt) Ltd.
51. M/s Marvi Industries
52. M/s Mercury Garments
53. M/s Milkways Limited
54. M/s Mountain Valley Water (Pvt) Ltd.
55. M/s Mubarak Textile Mills Ltd.
56. M/s Muhammad Farooq AR
57. M/s Naqi Beverages
58. M/s National Auto Bulbs (Pvt) Ltd.
59. M/s National Woolen Millls.
60. M/s Nature Farm Products (Pvt) Ltd.
61. M/s Niaz Knitwear (Pvt) Ltd.
62. M/s Novelty Fabrics Limited
63. M/s Nutripak Food Industries Ltd.
64. M/s Orient Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
65. M/s Pak Asia Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
66. M/s Pakistan National Textile Mills
67. M/s Paper Chem (Pvt) Ltd.
68. M/s Paper Packaging (Pvt) Ltd.
69. M/s Petro Commodities (Pvt) Ltd.
70. M/s Prove`nco (Pvt) Ltd.
71. M/s Prudential Textile Mills
72. M/s Qasim Textile
73. M/s Qayyum Spinning Mills Ltd.
74. M/s Rabka Breeding Farm
75. M/s Razik Engineering
76. M/s Reliable Business Associate Group
77. M/s Sahil International
78. M/s Sakhi Silk Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
79. M/s Sarbaz Traders.
80. M/s Schon Knitwear
81. M/s Service Febrics
82. M/s Shafiq Textile Mills Ltd.
83. M/s Shakir Latif Industries
84. M/s Shepherd & Shepherd (Pvt) Ltd.
85. M/s Sinsas Enterprises Ltd.
86. M/s Taha Spinning Mills Ltd.
87. M/s Thermax Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.
88. M/s Tobacco Industries
89. M/s Yasmeen Weaving Mills Ltd.
90. M/s Zahid Rajput Developers
91. M/s Zamir Textile Mills Ltd.
92. M/s Zar Jabeen Textile Mills.

(Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan).
1. M/s Azeem Food Industries Ltd.,
2. M/s Bela Ghee Mills Ltd.
3. M/s Big Mak Foods Ltd.
4. M/s Century Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
5. M/s Hakim Textile Mills Ltd
6. M/s Hala Spinning Mills Ltd.
7. M/s Jet Era Textile (Pvt) Ltd.
8. M/s Kraft Kit (Pvt) Ltd.
9. M/s M.S. Enterprises Ltd.
10. M/s Misto Industries Ltd.
11. M/s National Video Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
12. M/s Pak Absorbent Inds. (Pvt) Ltd.
13. M/s Pak Weavers (Pvt) Ltd.
14. M/s Reshi Textile Mills Ltd.
15. M/s Rubicon Industries (Pvt) Ltd.


(National Bank of Pakistan).

1. M/s Adamjee Garments Industries
2. M/s Adamjee Industries Ltd.
3. M/s Al-Asif Sugar Mills Ltd.
4. M/s Aleem Sons (Pvt) Ltd.
5. M/s Al-Hassan Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.
6. M/s Ali’S Knitwear
7. M/s Al Shams Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
8. M/s Aslam Taxtan
9. M/s Associated Ind. Garments Ltd.
10. M/s Attock Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.
11. M/s Attock Textile Mills Ltd.
12. M/s Ayyaz Textile Mills Limited
13. M/s Balochistan Manufactures Ltd.
14. M/s Batala Ghee Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
15. M/s Bawany Industries Ltd.
16. M/s Bela Ghee Mills Limited
17. M/s Chaudhry Electrodes Ind. Ltd.
18. M/s Chauhan Vegetable Ghee Mills Ltd.
19. M/s Choti Textile Mills Ltd.
20. M/s Crescent Jute Products Ltd
21. M/s Digital Communication (Pvt) Ltd.
22. M/s Electronic Information & Energy System
23. M/s Expo International Pvt. Ltd (Taj group)
24. M/s F.F. Cans (Pvt) Ltd.
25. M/s Fatima Food Industries
26. M/s First Tawakkal Modaraba
27. Foot Care (Pvt) Ltd.
28. M/s Frontier Pharmaceutical
29. M/s Glamour Textile Mills Ltd.
30. M/s Haji Mohammad Ismail Mills Ltd.
31. M/s Harrapa Textile Mills
32. M/s Ice Pak Limited
33. M/s Jahangir Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd.
34. M/s Kashmir Polytex Limited
35. M/s Nick Fung Textile Company
36. M/s Kunzan Textile Mills Ltd.
37. M/s Mehr Dastgir Leather Ind. Ltd.
38. M/s Mehr Dastgir Spinning Mills Ltd.
39. M/s Metro Garments & Hosiery Ltd.
40. M/s Mumtaz Shabaz Textile
41. M/s Myco Industries
42. National Garments (Pvt) Ltd.
43. M/s Oberoi Textile Mills Ltd.
44. M/s Pak Green Fertilizer Ltd.
45. M/s Pakistan National Textile Mills
46. M/s Pak Daud Cement
47. M/s Pak Land Cement Pvt. Ltd.
48. M/s Paras Textile Mills Ltd.
49. M/s Polysacks (Pvt) Ltd.
50. M/s Power Textile Industries Ltd.
51. M/s Quality Steel Works Ltd.
52. M/s Quality Weaving Mills Ltd.
53. M/s Qurel Cassettes (Pvt) Ltd.
54. M/s Rafique Textile Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
55. M/s Rakshani Paper Board Ind.
56. M/s Rehmat Industries
57. M/s Reshi Textile Mills Ltd.
58. M/s Saadi Cement (Dewan group)
59. M/s Saigal Ghee Mills Ltd.
60. M/s Sak Garments & Hosiery Ltd.
61. M/s Shama Textile Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
62. M/s Sheikhoo Cooking Oil Mills Ltd.
63. M/s Sidra Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
64. M/s Siftaq International Limited
65. M/s Siraj Steels Ltd.
66. M/s Spectrum Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd.
67. M/s Taj Solvex (Pvt) Ltd.
68. M/s Taymoor Spinning Mills Ltd.
69. M/s Ulbricht’S Pak (Pvt) Ltd.
70. M/s Zeenat Marble Industries

NIB Bank (Now MCB).

1. M/s Frontier Dextrose
2. M/s Gadoon Synthatics
3. M/s Multiwhite Blocks,
4. M/s Sindh Textile Industries

(PLHC Bank).

1. M/s Bella Chemicals,
2. M/s Chakwal Chemical
3. M/s Ferro Alloys
4. M/s Northern Chemicals
5. M/s Solvex Industries

(SME Bank).

1. M/s Dynasty Hotel,
2. M/s Flower Oil Mills
3. M/s Jaguar Knitting (Pvt) Ltd.
4. M/s Monarch Knitwear
5. M/s Pasban Soap Industries
6. M/s Salar Textile Mills
7. M/s Sharik International


(United Bank Ltd).

1. M/s Mehr Din Pak Industries
2. M/s Nabeel Fibre Ltd.
3. M/s Peshawar Pipe Mills
4. M/s Rahim K. Sheikh Transporters


Zarai Taraquaiti Bank Ltd (ZTBL).


1. M/s AM Pak Daries Pvt Limited.
2. M/s A-One Chicks and Feed Mills.
3. M/s Batrax (Pvt) Limited.
4. M/s Compact Particle Board
5. M/s Farooq Habib Textile Mills.
6. M/s Fiber Board Industries
7. M/s Imran Oil Extraction Limited
8. M/s Kabir Fertilizer Limited
9. M/s Kiran Sugar Mills Limited
10. M/s Langar Sulemani Industries
11. M/s Mian Muhammad Sugar Mills.
12. M/s Milkways Limited Lahore
13. M/s Monno Dairies Pvt Ltd.
14. M/s Mubarak Dairies
15. M/s Multan Edible Oil
16. M/s Pak Green Fertilizer Limited
17. M/s Pakpattan Dairies Limited
18. M/s Punjnad Polypropylene
19. M/s Quantic Leather Craft
20. M/s Ravi Agricultural and Dairy
21. M/s S.S.Oil Mills Limited.
22. M/s Shan Feed Mills Limited.
23. M/s Suraj Mukh Company Ltd.
24. M/s Techno Agricultural Industries
25. M/s Transtech Pvt Limited.



(Shahid Hussain Kamboyo)
Public Relations Officer

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