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Selfie obsession – By Rida Butt

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Rida Butt
Rida Butt

It is human nature to impress other fellow being and to leave good impression on others but at what cost? At the cost of human life? Certainly not. This selfie craze has claimed many lives that it has turned into a dangerous obsession. People are taking selfies at funerals, in front of fast moving objects like trains buses etc and recently a couple was seen taking selfie in Dubai in front of a building which was on fire on new year’s eve and in another incident a bunch of teenagers died at Dam sight trying to capture selfie from an elevated cliff.

What starts with an innocent ‘selfie’ habit could be an indication that a person requires attention of others to fill-in an emotional vacuum carved out by too much time spent on social media. People trying to capture selfies to impress others is a dangerous trend especially when it involves risk to human life. Selfie obsession is a cause of concern; People need to be educated not to risk their life for this useless obsession and to show respect and help people in a calamity instead of capturing selfies.

(The writer is student of Mass Communication and she can be reached at: [email protected])

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