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Spring season of colors and hope.

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By Sonia Akmal 


Spring! This word makes everyone fresh. Though spring is warm and especially right after winter it takes some time to get stable in such warm weather and despite of such scorching sun majority still likes spring. Have you ever pondered upon why? So here are the few reasons!


Naturally when spring comes everyone become very active and fresh. Despite of heat and warmness our faces glow there is a spark in us. Our dull skin becomes brighter.


Spring is the season of hope and optimism. As said by Bernard Williams

The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring.

With the sharp rays of sun there comes the ray of hope too. DR ANTHONY SCIOLI, WRITING IN PSYCHOLOGY TODAY.

“Spring calls us back to nature, fills our sails with warmer winds, soothes our weary bones, and lifts our spirits. Spring is full of psychic potential because it satisfies the four basic motives that underlie hope. Perhaps this is what prompted Bern Williams to offer one of most succinct reflections on hope and spring: ‘The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created spring.'”

In spring automatically energy, capacity and spirit is invoked. Man become more optimist. This is the power of spring.


In spring our comfort level arises. We wear loose clothes our hair are tied in different styles. Clothes are usual of bright colors. there are soft prints of clothes that look very bright in spring.

pic source India Mart.com



We see birds chirping everywhere. Butterflies on flowers.

image source Google


I see robins, I see birds’ nests

Butterflies too, flowers too
Everything is growing
The wind is gently blowing
Spring is here, spring is here


The most important thing is colors.

Spring is the season of colors.

We see colored flowers blooming everywhere. Early in the morning when i went to University i see trees loaded with leaves fruits and flowers. Leaves are fallen on the walking track of University always take my heart away. No Doubt such  charming view makes everyone fresh and happy.

The curtain of monotonous is just pulled away naturally in spring.

That colorful scrumptious strawberries, mangoes, apricots, falsas, melon and watermelon drags you towards them and one can not stay without enjoying that fruits.

image source google

One more positive thing about spring is that it  reunits the people. To me people add colors to this world. It is very common in spring people carry out a lot of activities we see our neighbours sitting in the street in evening having cup of tea and chit chat together. Children are playing in parks and streets.This shows the true color of bond and love among people. That laughters and blather evokes a new beautiful color of spring. Days are so long that you can perform all you tasks easily in a single day.

One thing everyone can notice one had a positive mood swing one naturally don’t feel annoyed, hectic and irritated.


So these are the least things that spring is liked by everyone. Everyone have their own different reasons to like spring here are mines!

Spring is here! Spring is here!
Winter is gone and two flowers appear.
Three little robins begin to sing.
Four bicycle bells begin to ring.
Five children come out and jump the rope.
Spring is here now! I hope, I hope!

Happy spring!                                                                         Writer is a student of law and mass communication and staff reporter at educationist

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