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Techniques to stay optimist

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Faizan Khalid
Faizan Khalid

“Turn your face towards sun, and the shadow falls behind you” Life is full of hardships and happiness, everyone has to go through the both sides of the fence. Sometimes pessimistic and other times optimistic. Optimism is a very healthy trait that will not only attract people but will also keep you happier, healthier and much luckier. It is really hard to remain optimistic during tough times of turbulence and uncertainty, but if you practice a few things you may feel good and optimistic soon in a certain situation. Understand the importance of positivity:

Most of the people get stick to the negative situations and consider it a part of their life. Definitely it is, but the most important thing to remain positive is to realize the importance & value of being positive during hard times. This will give you a determination to overcome negativity earlier.

Recognize the nature of problem: Another important thing is to identify the nature of the problem. Meanwhile play through the worst case scenario in your mind, make a backup plan, interestingly you will find it is not actually as bad as you considered and will help you overcoming a lot of fear. Move the body: Sitting around and thinking about the problem won’t do anything good. Start doing some exercise or physical activity as it boosts your levels of happiness and reduces stress. You have your body energy that needs to be consumed somewhere, it’s up to you whether you spend it on thinking or doing! Have a plan & appreciate the little things: You can also look for the positives that will remain, and sometimes the best way to do this is to appreciate the little things in life. Start enjoying with the kids around you but meanwhile start making a plan to find a way out this will give you determination to stay optimistic. Make someone smile: Trust me it really works. Help someone on road or in a que, compliment a friend or fellow, buy someone food, give charity in the name of Allah. These little things really cheer someone up!

(The writer is chairman Liberal Human Forum and Director Vision Telecom. He can be reached at: [email protected])

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