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Traffic problems in Lahore

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By Rida Riaz

LAHORE: The traffic problems are on the rise in the provincial capital city especially during peak hours including school opening, closing and business closure time in the evening.

Town planners accused urbanization and rapid economic growth and available facilities in Lahore has led to massive migration to the city causing traffic congestion. There are no clear road use divisions among loader trucks, busses, cars, motorcycles and bicycles. Mostly vehicles do not follow lanes use rules as they quickly change path.

Road consumers behaviour also contribute to the mess, especially rickshaw and motorcycle drivers who comprised roughly 64 percent of the traffic plying on metropolis arteries.

There is an increase in vehicles on the road at an alarming rate showing the plight of insufficient public transport system in the city. Traffic engineering experts believed that widening the existing roads and constructing new flyovers and underpasses might be helpful, however, the solutions to traffic worries also involves enforcement of regulations, awareness campaign to correct citizens behaviour and proper application of road engineering along with sufficient public transport system.

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