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US-AID centers for advanced studies in water

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MUET Society of Water Managers Welcomes New Batch

JAMSHORO: January 19, 2018: Society of Water Managers (SWM) welcomed spring batch at U.S.-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Water (USPCAS-W) at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET), Jamshoro. Prof. Dr. Rasool Bux Mahar, Deputy Director of the Center, while speaking in the event said that the society has to play in an active role for sensitizing the community for the importance and judicious use of water in daily life.

He said that the students are actually the ambassadors of the MUET Water Center and they, on the platform of SWM, can launch the awareness and advocacy campaigns pertaining to the research and issues in water sector of Pakistan. He further announced that the Center would grant an amount if society submits a good research proposal on a small scale to the water-related issues which could benefit the community. Prof. Mushtaq Mirani, the well-known development researcher and intellectual said that the universities have to produce leaders who have ultimately to serve the community and in this connection, the USPCAS-W is striving its best to provide water leaders who will tackle the issues of the water sector in the country.

He added that academia has to research on what should be and what should be not taught in the universities,   that government institutes are running on the tax money of the public and in return, the institutes have to serve them properly and efficiently. He further suggested the students to involve themselves in rendering the services for the community.

Ms. Rakhshinda Bano, Assistant Professor and the patron of the society while sharing the aims and objectives of the SWM said that the society provides the learning and sharing platform for the graduates of the Center also aims to establish a strong networking link among the water experts, researchers, water practitioners, learners and policymakers at the country level. She also shared the past activities of the society and announced the elections for the office bearers of the society which will be held in the first week of the February. On this occasion, she advised the newly enrolled students to get themselves registered in the society and come up with new ideas for organizing the activities. Mr. Uzma Imran, Assistant Professor of the Center and focal person on the Gender Equity Committee, also deliver her talk on the gender policy and committee’s activities in the University.

The session followed by the presentation of PhD Scholars include Mr. Ghulam Shabeer Solangi, Mr. Wajid Ijaz, Mr. Asim Abro, and Mr. Muhammad Muqeet. While presenting his talk on Nano-fibers research: An Opportunity for Engineering Entrepreneurship in Pakistan, Mr. Muqeet said that problems are actually opportunities for value creation and addition.


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