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Value Of Education

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By Mubeen Sultan

Education should not be obtained only to get a certificate to get a job. Its main objective is to make people cognizant. Awareness among people is the first step on the path of evolution. The journey of a person begins from this point. Just like a farmer cultivates a seed, which later transforms into a tree, an educational institution should make a person so intellectually proficient that he can complete his evolutionary expedition.

What does it mean for someone to become aware? It means that a person can relate the past with the present and plan for the future. He can view the problems of life against the background of the perpetual cosmic plans. It means to become aware of who one is and who one is not. To know that only by harmonizing one’s will with God’s, one can be truly successful in this world. An aware person alone is a susceptible human being in the true sense.

The importance of education is embraces two important goals. Education makes man an optimistic thinker. Without education, no one can think properly in an appropriate context. It enlightens a man how to think and how to make decision. The second goal is that only through the attainment of education; man is enabled to receive information from the external world. It is well said that

“Without education, man is as though in a closed room and with education he finds himself in a room with all its windows open towards outside world.”

This is why Islam attaches such great importance to knowledge and education. When the Quran began to be revealed, the first word of its first verse was ‘Iqra’ that is, read.

A person who is aware is able to develop a correct opinion about himself and others. He is able to appraise and determine which of his opinions are prejudiced and which are not. Whenever any situation arises, he recognizes what action would be a reaction and what others action would be a positive response. He distinguishes right from wrong. Sorting out the false, he recognizes the truth.

Every society has specialized individuals who fulfill certain positions that require extended education. In some cases, these people are known as shamans, priests, or professors or they may be doctors, mechanics, blacksmiths, or artists. In all these professions, some form of higher education is necessary. It could come from a novice or meticulous personal study, or it could take the form of a formal higher education. Whatever the form, the meanings is the same, gain knowledge and employs it.

Education has a great social importance especially in the modern, complex industrialized societies. Philosophers of all periods, beginning with ancient stages, devoted to it a great deal of attention. Accordingly, various theories regarding its nature and objective have come into being. The following quote from Sir Thomas Carlyle, a well-known British writer, is very helpful in making us understand the meaning of being truly sensitive towards others—it is to have a loving heart which is the key to gaining knowledge. He said,


‘A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge’.

The above saying is extremely meaningful but its meaningfulness cannot be properly understood unless we add these words to it, ‘loving, despite there being a cause for hatred’. For in this world the factors of hatred are always present. No one can love other human beings without demonstrating that they are broad minded enough to love people despite experiencing their hatred and antagonism.


In today’s society no one in the world dig up nowhere without an education. Being educated leads to many great achievements in life. Without it we would all just be ignorant. If more people would dedicate more of their time to study and waste less time, there would be no scarcity and deprivation. Education is very important to our society. The more knowledge we develop the more we can do with our future. To build up a heart within one, which may love despite, hatred amounts to taking oneself to the height of morality. This high morality is the only ground on which the plant of knowledge grows and widens into a copious green tree.

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