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Why CSS Result so bad!

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By Laraib Shahid

In a telling sign for the country’s dismal state of education, only 3.32% of ‘potential’ candidates passed the competitive examination for the country’s civil service. The shocking exam results have elicited much commentary. A majority of people lamented the falling standards of education. However, some praise the examination for being meritocratic and so rigorous that it selects the very best for the civil service, which, they argue is all for the betterment of the services. But does this claim hold any water?

According to the results announced by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) recently, only 312 candidates of a total 9301 passed the CSS examination, a 3.02 pass percentage.

The FPSC’s official website stated a total of 22,025 candidates applied for the CSS written examination of which only 9301 appeared to take the exam. Of these 9301 participants, only 312 candidates managed to pass the written qualified for viva. Those candidates, who had passed in the written examination, were made to undergo pre-selection schedules for medical examination, psychological assessment and viva voce.

The mushroom growth of higher learning institutions, particularly in the private sector, is one of the major reasons behind the decline as few candidates take the CSS exams very seriously.

The FPSC should try to find out whether the problem is with the exam method, paper pattern or there are reasons other than that at play, and a thorough assessment should be conducted to get to the bottom of the matter. The candidates might have been disturbed by group combinations for selection of subjects that were changed by the FPSC at the last moment.

There is also a quality of education issue and the HEC should conduct audit of universities to solve it. Moreover, there is a gap between the assessment of students and the subjects they are being taught in universities. This matter should be consulted with the HEC, education experts and people from academia to find out reasons for the increasingly disappointing results.

Dwindling prestige of CSS:

The final list of candidates recommended for appointment by FPSC after completion of pre-selection stages number 238, of which 132 are male and 106 female.

CSS results 2016

Candidates applied 20,717
Candidates appeared 9643
Candidates passed 202
Successful male candidates 114
Successful female candidates 85
Percentage 2.06%

CSS Results 2015

Candidates applied 22,130
Candidates appeared 12176
Candidates passed 368
Successful male candidates 220
Successful female candidates 148
Percentage 3.02%

CSS Results 2014

Candidates applied 24,640
Candidates appeared 13,170
Candidates passed 439
Successful male candidates 294
Successful female candidates 145
Percentage 3.3%

CSS results 2013

Candidates applied 15,998
Candidates appeared 11,406
Candidates passed 238
Successful male candidates 172
Successful female candidates 66
Percentage 2.09%

CSS Results 2012

Candidates applied 14,335
Candidates appeared 1006
Candidates passed 788
Successful male candidates 588
Successful female candidates 200
Percentage 7.8%



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