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Ziarat – A paradise with no education

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By :Waheed Ullah Khan

Ziarat, well known as the city of fruits, is located in Baluchistan. Different types of fruits are found in this city like apple, cherry, peach etc. The population of Ziarat is almost 70,000. It is a district. It is the city where the founder of Pakistan has spent last days of his life. He died there.

Ziarat supplies one million boxes of apples to whole Pakistan annually. It is coldest city of Pakistan having temperature of up to seven degree centigrade in June and July. Ziarat ranks 2nd in whole world and 1st in Asia having the biggest juniper forest.

Ziarat is facing a lot of problems like education, lack of opportunities, no national place, unemployment and a lot of more problems. If we see the education sector in ziarat, there are hardly 20 girl schools in whole city. A good nation always come into existence when the women of that nation are educated. Only 30% of schools have boundary walls. There is only one degree college in whole city which is not reachable for far away students. Teachers do not go to school on a daily basis showing a low attendance which affects the study. Also, there is no university there. Around 70% of Ziarat has no mobile signal which is a major need of present era life.

The provincial government and federal government are least concerned. Even the provincial minister for education of Baluchistan belongs to Ziarat but he did not pay any attention to this major problem of Ziarat where a lot of children are waiting for getting education to become professionals to serve this beloved county. Education sector is not playing their major role for education in the city. They just take their pay on monthly bases without doing any work.

There should be one high school for boys and one high school for girls in every village of the city. Government should construct the damaged school like constructing four walls boundaries around every school. There should be more colleges in the city to make the higher education happen for the students. There should be one university with all major departments so the students who are out of their city for higher education will get their education staying at home and there will be no financial problems for the students. Government should make sure the attendance of teachers that they come to school on time and deliver education to students to make students as bright future of Pakistan.

The writer of this blog is student of BS mass communication he can be reached at [email protected]

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