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A 2-Day Education and Career Expo begins at Fletties

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60 educational institutions establish stalls

Asad Saleem

Asad Saleem
Asad Saleem

LAHORE: A 2-day “Education and Career Expo” by Express Media Group Tuesday began at Fletties Hotel bringing more than 60 educational institutions under one platform.

Carrier counsellor, educationists, representative of different universities and students came participated in the event inaugurated by Punjab Governor Rafiq Rajwana.expo 1

Speaking on the occasion, the governor said that he had cancelled all her appointment due to unfortunate Quetta attach, however, he especially came to the expo because it was an educational event. “I dedicate this event to the martyrs of the Quetta attack, who sacrifice their lives in the terrorist activity.”

More than 60 stalls of the educational institutions were established in the event. Some of the stalls which remained an attraction for the student comprised Higher Education Commission, University of Central Punjab, University of Lahore, Superior University, University of Management and Technology and 3P Learning.

The educational institutes from Australia and United Arab Emirates also participated. Extra-curricular activities such as performing art, dance competition, battle of bands, drama competition, fashion show and dexpo 2ocumentary competition were also part of the event to attract students.

Students while talking to The Educationist said that such type of expos help them planning for their career. “Through such type of expo students can get easy access to foreign education.”

A representative of the organisers, The Express Media Group, said the response of Pakistani students was outstanding.


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