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While our media is busy highlighting people like Nasir Khan Jaan and Arshad chaiwala who are not doing anything in country’s interest, there are some people who are working for welfare of humanity.Many prominent figures in Pakistan are running trust organizations, camps and NGOs, we constantly read in news. However, today I will not talk about such institutions, trusts, camps or charities. I will highlight people who are secretly serving the country. Nobody appreciates the efforts of ordinary people who are actually doing well with humanity, particularly during the time of inflation when people do not think about others, but still there are people who have a sense of fellow feeling and sympathy.

I will take a little time to tell everyone about a free non-profit trust in a village that helps hundreds and thousands of people who do not have access to medicines. It is important to have people who work to make country fair and a just place, real changes come not only from inside the political system but, also from ordinary people and I will talk about an ordinary person,a Philanthropist  a “Maseeha” that treats people free of charge. Hassan Raza, a doctor, belongs to Karor paka and has been serving humanity for many years.He is a cardiac and medicine specialist, and professor in Allama iqbal medical college. He belongs to Lodhran and has been serving humanity for many years, his son died from cancer, and he made a trust in his son’s memory ‘ Ali Hassan Memorial Trust/camp at Mouza massa kahuta tehsil kehror pakka district lodhran in 2006. Every month, Dr hassan raza comes from Lahore along with his team.


Thousands of people are treated and lunch/dinner is also arranged for patients 1000 of people came from distant areas for checkup there are records of people who came for checkup every month. Dr Hassan is fulfilling camp’s expenses while now few people are giving funds to him for his camp.The main objective of this trust / camp is to provide good medical facilities to the people of villages. Medicines for common diseases are provided at the time, while applications are approved by the Government for angioplasty, bypass and other such treatments and people are treated free in the best hospitals of Lahore and medicine are provided by Dr Hassan. Doctor Hassan ensures his presence in any case every month. He believes that to serve humanity is to serve God. He says he serves humanity and fulfill his duty whole month by working at cardiology and educating students and then serves people of karor paka on 1st sunday of every month. In the past days people were told about the camp through pamphlets and announcements, but now people come from distant areas without announcements for treatments and medicines

However, there is no special building for the camp/trust, it is held at the doctor’s house or Dera. But the doctor is planning and trying hard to build a proper hospital or building to provide rural people the best medical facilities. And after his retirement, he will fully focus on this trust, and his daughters who are going to be a doctor, will help him in his good and virtuous task.


Lets us join hands together and contribute to serve humanity by building a hospital and making Pakistan healthy.

Although our media and most of us take it as a small gesture, but it can make a big difference to those going through a hard time. I mentioned an individual while there are many people who are serving humanity in different ways.
Such actions should be appreciated and promoted. If we today encourage one, then ten more will be encouraged tomorrow and will serve.
However, I am sorry that our media preferences are changing.

The writer is a law and media student. She can be reached at: [email protected]

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