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An Interview with Orya Maqbool Jaan

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The Educationist: A teacher and an institution plays an important role for establishing the compatibility of critical thinking, according to you what is critical thinking and what is its importance?

Orya Maqbool Jaan: See, for critical thinking, 1st of all your knowledge and study should be very vast because without knowing about the researches and debates that intellectuals have made so far you can’t do anything. You also need to know about the society and historical data.

E.g. if you are making research on a specific topic but before thousands of years other had done the same process then your attempts are going to be useless, and for instance if you are making investigation only about the one room, a house which comprises of rooms of four rooms and you’re not going to others, it’s a possibility that others would have already done that.

The Educationist: Jon Alis said that many people are writing but they should study, what are the necessities write according to your perspective?

Orya Maqbool Jaan: Look, some poets and writers say that many people have natural qualities in them as they are born to be someone special. Basically, it is an inheritance from the ancestors but sometimes, it happens that Allah grant a common man with no poetic background a child with poetic skills, these are called little miracles of Allah. Even with that you need to study and the eye to see the depth and observe the things around you and how you converted them in to the words, A creative, intelligent and an educated man will not see anything for nothing, he will be definitely having some specific perspective behind that.

The Educationist: Sir, column writing is a very skillful work, what is brought into your mind to write a column?

Orya Maqbool Jaan: Basically, I was a poet and continued to be engaged in it for a long time, I got my book published in 1988 named as Hamid and then many authors wrote articles on my book and they felt that I have something dramatic sort of an element in my poetry and that I am fit for dramatic sort of writing and I got an encouragement from them. I started writing dramas and I did this for 15 to 16 years of my life, my last drama was released in 2007, and in both the sectors I regret I couldn’t openly practice my freedom of expression. Only because of this factor I started writing columns in 2001. I always wrote columns in an objective sense and my aim was only to defend Islam after 9/11. Because the world order entirely changing.

The Educationist: How much time do you invest to write a column, usually many people do it in normally half an hour?

Orya Maqbool Jaan: Actually, I am not as compatible as you people think I normally take 5, 6 hours to complete my column.

The Educationist:  Sir, how was your experience when you 1st time faced camera?

Orya Maqbool Jaan: I started in 1980 from PTV for the program Hamqadam Pakistan and it was a good experience and, I was debater so there was no hesitation at all. And I just made this view in my mind that camera is nothing but an animal.

The Educationist: Sir, you are a civil servant and your degree is in social work and law so why you are in the field of journalism?

Orya Maqbool Jaan: First of all I never used bureaucrat or journalist with my name, if I will ever love to write something then that word would be historian.

The Educationist: Sir, tell us something about your family background?

Orya Maqbool Jaan: I was basically a self-made struggler and I used to work with study and my passion was to be on top either in the form of a student or an employee and I am enjoying a very happy married life and having two daughters and a son.

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