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An unforgettable character of Tehreek Pakistan

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By Tahzeeb Ul Nisa

A woman who climbed the door of the Punjab Secretariat while shouting the slogan of Pakistan Zindabad.

The Pakistan Movement is the movement that was carried out by the Muslims in British India for an independent homeland, which resulted in the establishment of Pakistan. Mothers saw their livers aching for blood, sisters sacrificed their honors, everyone played their part.

During the Pakistan Movement, women were not behind anyone in dealing with any situation. Whenever, wherever and whatever the situation was, they did not disappoint the nation. Even during the riots, he showed great courage and young courage. This struggle for the establishment of Pakistan was not easy at all.

In this great struggle, a woman, Fatima Sughri, played an eternal role, who is her example. Fatima Sughra was one of the prominent activists of Tehreek-e-Pakistan, who actively participated in this struggle in her youth and created a place for herself. When the struggle of Tehreek-e-Pakistan was at its peak, you were studying in class 10 at that time.

It was the same Fatima Sughra who at the age of fourteen challenged the greatest enemy of the world by putting her eyes in the eyes in such a way that her screams are still heard today.

The movement for the creation of Pakistan was in its last phase when the Muslim League announced a protest in front of the Civil Secretariat. Commissioner Louis gave a statement to the press in the style of a pharaoh. That I will not allow the Muslim League to protest on the road in front of the Secretariat until the day the Union Jack is hoisted on the Secretariat.

Fatima was involved in the Muslim League procession and she had also heard this statement of the enemy. The processionists had to break one hundred and forty four times, but the fourteen-year-old Fatima had to break the enemy’s pride.

On February 1947, the frail Fatima, just 14 years old, jumped over a ten-foot-high gate and a man approached her, and Fatima stuck her fingers into his eyes

Reached the hanging ceiling. In the presence of the British army and the police, he jumped over the iron gate and took down the Union Jack of the building of the Civil Secretariat of Lahore and waved the green flag of the Muslim League made of a dupatta. The flag of the Muslim League was flying on the pole and outside the gate

What is the meaning of Pakistan? And the flag of the world’s largest empire was lying under the shoes of fourteen-year-old Fatima Sughri.  For this feat, he was honored with the National Honor Lifetime Achievement Award and Pride of Performance Award by the Government of Pakistan.

The writer is a student of BS Journalism studies at Punjab University and can be reached at:[email protected].

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