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Authorities, not the victims to be blamed

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By Ali Ahmed
Living in the 21st century people are well aware of their rights and are free to do anything they want as social media have played a vital role in spreading awareness. But as we are being so into digitalization and by the freedom of expression sometime its seems that we can’t find the difference between our reality or digital while sharing expressions as comes the blame game. The term blame game refers when we are starting to blame the victim and started cross questioning the victims with the intention to make them guilty. It is common now a days people blame the victims and make them believe that its their fault that they got caught in a mishap.  Unfortunately female victims are blamed the most if they got robed its declared their fault by asking why they were wearing gold at night while being alone outside their house driving somewhere. People have stereotype perception of women.

Similarly males who are deprived of their valuables especially costly mobile phones and watches are questioned, who told you to be such flashy? Who told you to carry an expensive mobile or drive an expensive vehicle? Many such queries they have to face along with their loss. The question is who gives people the right to speak to victims in such way? And when they are the victims and they face karma then they realize.

Just want to make them realize that they are the victims because of their own doing rather than giving a warm pillow

Suppress the suppressed?Pakistanis have the bad habit of calling out the victims and badmouthing them, we just want to make them realize that they are the victims because of their own doing rather than giving a warm pillow. Media persons also think of them in the same way as we observe they openly question raped victims and the sense of the queries is usually so cheap that the victim feel uncomfortable while sharing details. The police behaviour is not difference, while filing an FIR they ask such questions that at a moment the victim started to questioning self that why did they decide to come here at the first place? We must not question the victim rather we should probe the authorities about it as they are there for a reasons and are answerable about the happenings. We must aware the public that questioning the victims will not do any good rather we must question the those responsible and expel such officer who asks questions in the style of victim blaming.

We must aware people about the citizen journalism and that how can they help others by sharing an incident like this at online platforms, by doing this such people will be afraid of others that if they will do any bad then it is for sure will be recorded and someone will share it on social media which will lead to many outcomes which they will not like.

The writer is a student of BS Journalism, semester 8 at School of Communication Studies, University of the Punjab, Lahore. He can be reached at [email protected]

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