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Breaking Taboos: Pakistani Drama Industry with Some Bold Topics

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by Maria Anjum

Pakistani drama industry is considered as evergreen, since from the time of its evaluation. Pakistani dramas always have made a huge impact on everyone’s life. In the 19th century there were some dramas like DHOOP KINARY, ALPHA BRAVO CHARLIE and TANHAIYAN which were watched with great excitement and even now they are watched with great enthusiasm.

In the start of 21st centaury Pakistani dramas have lost their momentum in terms of story and script and witnessed the same stereotypical stories like marriage, divorce and some cheap love stories. Good thing is that in the past few years drama industry has regained their momentum and has come up with some mature or somewhat bold content. This change has been both accepted and refused at the same time by some audiences.

Dramas are breaking taboos with some bold topics which are rarely accepted by the society like assault, child abuse, transgender and mental health.

Dramas like “udaari”, “khuda mera bhi ha” and now “alif allah aur insaan” has surely got the popularity by their unique concept and storyline. Their writers have given a new dimensions to the issues like transgender and child abuse and made us think to know our responsibility towards these issues. Our dramas have always shown maturity in terms of content and actors have justified their roles well that is the reason why our dramas are also very popular across the border.

But some of the dramas are highly criticized by public or we can say that they are not accepted by the audience because their content is against our religious and cultural values. Hum TV drama “Pakeeza” is quoted as an example which is largely criticized by public on social media because of the content. Its story revolves around a lady who got divorce from her husband but even though living with him for the sake her daughter even the daughter’s age is suitable for marriage.

Some dramas like “zra yad kr”, “joru ka ghulam”, “khuda daikh raha ha” are highly criticized by public due to their subject “Halala”.

Everyone knows that television is the basic tool for molding public opinion, but the dramas and shows (not everyone) are being aired at prime time which are being watched by 50% of the public who lives in rural areas, so portrayal of content against Islamic values is not accepted by the audience. They are creating confusion in the minds of public at large so they should re-think on some of the content in order to educate well on some issues.

It’s good that such issues are highlighted which are not commonly discussed in everyday life but cultural and moral values should be kept in mind.

Writer is a student of Kohat university of science and Technology, Kohat (KPK) Pakistan

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