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Crisis of Drug Addiction

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By Tayyab Khan

Drug addiction has become a world wide problem now a days. Every second person is addicted to some kind of drugs. Those who are affected by drugs are mostly teenagers.

All of this because there is no check and balance of concerned authorities and drugs are easily available on the streets with a very low cost. Most of the people get attracted towards drugs because they think it will remove stress depression and want to escape the world’s reality. In result of this, their body became weak , thier mind go numb, they feel dizziness . In addition, it causes memory loss.

Crystal meth(Ice), cocaine ,morphine ,weed,opium, are the drugs that are commonly used by addictives. They inject and consume these drugs by smoking ,drinking ,sniffing and directly injecting in their bodies through injections which cause damaging the veins of a person.

Equivalent 6.7 Million people used substance other than Alcohol and Tobacco in the previous year.

Mostly drug came from Afghanistan, Columbia and Mexico. Moreover some drugs are manufactured in Pakistan which are controlled by big drug carters. They have the support of higher authorities.

Many people are not enough financially stable so they used different methods to fulfill their needs. For example Males do robberies and females become prostitutes.

Anti – Narcotics should take precautionary measures to stop the drug trafficking and to open rehab centres for drug addicts. They should take strict actions towards those drug suppliers. These drug activities need to be curved because it causes destruction and death in society.

The writer is a student of BS Journalism studies at Punjab University and can be reached at Email: [email protected]

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