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Cybercrime a life threatening change

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By Mayha Iftikhar

Cybercrime is a crime that occurs on the Internet using computers as tools or tokens or other smart devices to facilitate our work. Hackers or criminals have different motives for committing crimes. They can be responsible for damages to people, organizations or governments.

Some examples of cybercrime include fraud, identity theft, cyberstalking, creating and sending malware such as viruses to destroy systems or steal data for profit.

Cyber ​​crime is the most common crime committed on the Internet in today’s scenario. Causing severe damage to the victim.

People who participate in such activities find it an easy way to earn money. Educated and learned people also participate in such activities. Instead of using their ideas in a positive way, they use themselves in cyber crimes. This is a daily threat to our society and nation.

Therefore, some measures should be taken to prevent such crimes. Being vigilant and following security protocols can only help reduce cybercrime incidents.

The writer is a student of BS Journalism studies at Punjab University and can be reached at:[email protected]

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