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Dr. Atta-Ur-Rahman science lab set up at GCU

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Focus on Education and Technology a must for Pakistan’s Development: Dr Atta

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LAHORE: Prof. Dr. Atta-Ur-Rahman, former chairman Higher Education Commission, delivered an inspiring talk at GC University Lahore on exciting role of science on Tuesday.

Prof. Dr. Atta-Ur-Rahman stressed that the world is driven by education, and it is crucial for us to channel our energies and allocate resources towards enhancing education, science, and technology, and by doing so, we can propel Pakistan onto the path of development and prosperity.

During the event, a cutting-edge Prof Dr. Atta-Ur-Rahman Central Laboratory of Life Sciences was unveiled at GC University, to honor his significant contributions to higher education and scientific advancement. The central laboratory, established by GCU in last financial year from it won resources, aims to support research and innovation.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Asghar Zaidi expressed deep admiration for Prof. Dr. Atta-Ur-Rahman, referring to him as a source of national pride. He highlighted the remarkable impact of Prof. Dr. Atta-Ur-Rahman’s leadership, with over 1,300 papers published in the Department of Chemistry under his guidance, emphasizing his influence in scientific research.

Vice-Chancellor Prof. Zaidi with Prof. Dr. Atta-Ur-Rahman also inaugurated the renovated Natural History Museum. The museum underwent restoration in the previous financial year, preserving its historical significance and 6000 specimen of animals and birds.

During his speech, Prof. Dr. Atta-Ur-Rahman emphasized the crucial role of science and technology in driving economic development. He cited success stories of high-tech exporting nations like Singapore and highlighted advancements in Artificial Intelligence and China’s progress in quantum computing, demonstrating how science fiction is turning into reality.

Prof. Dr. Atta-Ur-Rahman shared fascinating applications of scientific research, such as using paper as a bulletproof jacket and transforming stone into paper. He also mentioned innovations in e-textiles, allowing a single trace to generate multiple designs.

In his closing remarks, Prof. Dr. Atta-Ur-Rahman encouraged embracing challenges and praised the rapid development of GC University Lahore, a historical institution. He emphasized that knowledge is paramount in today’s world, and Pakistan’s progress depends on education, science, and technology, as its true wealth lies in its skilled workforce.

Prof. Dr. Atta-Ur-Rahman’s visit and enlightening lecture left a lasting impact on students and teachers, fostering a culture of scientific curiosity and innovation within the university. His insights pave the way for a brighter future for Pakistan through education and technology.

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