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Dr. Naeem Khan’s guest lectures at University of Cyprus

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Staff Report

Punjab University Dean Faculty of Life Sciences, Professor of Zoology and former Registrar, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naeem Khan visited the University of Cyprus, Nicosia from November 25-29, 2016. According to the reports reaching from Europe, Dr. Khan, who was awarded a 4 months European Commission’s Erasmus Mundus LEADER Staff Visiting Professorship to the University of Crete, Greece, for promotion of academic linkages and research collaborations between Pakistani and European universities, delivered his guest lecture on “Fisheries & Aquaculture in Pakistan” at the University of Cyprus, Nicosia, on November, 28, 2016. During his visit to the University of Cyprus he visited the Department of Biology and met various faculty members and students.
In his lecture Dr Naeem said, the global decline in capture fisheries has highlighted the importance of fish production from alternate sources of aquaculture. In Pakistan, inland carp pond aquaculture has opened up new avenues for animal food production, integrated agriculture & rural development and poverty alleviation in rural communities. The environment friendly integrated aquaculture system relying on pond manuring and fertilization with occasional home-made feed supplementation, helps in the local recirculation of agriculture and animal organic wastes.
Arabia Sea coast of South Asia and Middle East has tremendous marine and coastal aquaculture potential. Due to its geostrategic location, trade, oil and shipping routes, the region is hub of diversified global business investments and economic activities including aquaculture. Pakistan’s virgin Arabian Sea coastline of 990 kilometers, forming the northern boundary of the Arabian Sea is home to famous ecological hotspots of Indus River Delta Mangrove forests and most northerly distributed (rare) temperate zone coral reefs. The prospects of culture of marine finfish in open pen-sea cage aquaculture in the region are enormous as hydrographical and farming conditions are suitable /similar to other aquaculture rich regions of the world, having many natural inlets and suitable sites for coastal & marine aquaculture.
It is anticipated that Mediterranean cage aquaculture technologies can be transferred and promoted on a large commercial / industrial scale in Arabia Sea as these waters are known to have suitable natural productivity, water quality and rearing temperatures in the area. The seminar presentation will give a bird eye view of the inland pond aquaculture in Pakistan and explore the prospects of transfer of European aquaculture technologies for the development of marine cage culture in Arabian Sea, Pakistan.
Dr Naeem also holds Post Doctorates from the University of Zagreb, Croatia (2016); Pacific National Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (1998); a PhD from the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada (1996); M.Sc Gold Medalist from Punjab University in 1983. He qualified CSS Examinations in 1987 & 1988 and PCS Examinations in 1988 and also holds a law degree from Punjab University. He is recipient of thirty (30) Distinctions, Honors & Academic Achievements, including five (5) Gold Medals/Awards, author of fifty one (51) internationally published and fifty (50) nationally published research papers. He has attended thirty (30) international conferences overseas and has supervised the research of two (2) PhD and many graduate students.
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naeem Khan has 30 years of illustrious Professional career as Dean, Professor, Registrar and Director External Linkages, Punjab University; Professor, Dean & Chairman, University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences (UVAS), Lahore and as Director Fisheries, Government of Punjab, 1996-2003.

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