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Eradication of corruption

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  1. Corruption is a form of deception often used by those in power. These people abuse their power and control their interests. There are various forms of corruption. Bribery is the most common form of corruption, where public officials often receive bribes and money to do their jobs. Other types are financial fraud, political fraud and nepotism.
    Bribery is the most common form of corruption, where officials abuse their power to direct their services for their own benefit. Many material and monetary gifts were offered to these dignitaries to avail themselves of their rights. These are mostly government officials who are victims of this fraud.

Financial fraud is also known as theft. This is the act of protecting public property against thieves.

This is one of the most prominent forms of corruption, where elected officials use their power for personal gain. In a system as corrupt as India, there is no way to detect this corruption.

Nepotism is a form of corruption where government officials reserve high positions and positions for their family members or acquaintance

Since government employees are more prone to corruption, it is the government’s responsibility to ensure maximum employee satisfaction so that employees do not engage in such activities. It was found that the fraud was due to underpayment of salary to employees. Often not enough for the authorities so they operate illegally. Therefore, the government must provide a fair wage to its workers.

Increase the number of staff: The lack of efficient staff in government agencies often causes delays in important work. This small progress, bribery is the only solution to get the job done quickly. This can have a positive effect on efficiency if the number of employees is reduced by overwork.

The country’s legislation is the most important tool to fight corruption. Anti-corruption laws can be strengthened to prevent officials from engaging in bribery. Penalties imposed after breaking the law should be more severe and more difficult to pay.
Surveillance – Installing cameras and increasing surveillance in government offices or areas prone to corruption can also reduce activity. Officials are often afraid of being caught, and rising will weaken corruption.

The government should always maintain inflation because with the increase in the cost of basic needs, many workers consider their wages below what they deserve and engage in corruption.

We must also remember the corrupt politicians who abuse their power even in the courts and throughout the judicial system. This form of corruption can only be stopped if people choose their representatives based on their work and ethics instead of politics

The writer is the student of Punjab University and can be reached at,[email protected]

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