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FUPUASA KP chapter asks to expedite hiring of VCs

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PESHAWAR: Dr. Abdul Shakoor, The president FUPUASA KP chapter, in a media statement, appreciated HED and provincial government for conducting interviews for the posts of VCs in the Universities of the province and stressed that the process should be expedited to end the state of uncertainty in the Universities. He strong criticised certain decisions of the acting/pro-VCs aimed at grabing the powers of regular VCs even after the appointments of regular VCs and warned that such acts will have very serious consequences for the future of the universities. He said that according to the act pro-vc has no role in presence of regular VC and that the role of Pro-VCs are limited only to officiating or acting role in absence of regular VC. He said that such decisions and legislation will have very serious consequences for the Universities in future and argued the government to stop such actions by the acting/pro-VCs which can effect the role of regular VC. It is also imperative to mention that grabbing of powers of regular VC’s in their absence by the Pro-VC’s can seriously damage the integrity and governance across KP universities which already suffered due to unrealistic reforms in the Universities Act. It will initiate a parallel administrative system in the universities which could lead to disharmony to disturb the academic atmosphere in the universities.

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