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Harassment in the workplace must be addressed 

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By Mehrunnisa Jameel

Pakistan has many obligations as a signatory to international human rights treaties, including those listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), and others. But more importantly, such agreements must comply with the national laws of the signatory countries. The national laws of the signatories are designed to comply with their obligations under international law. However, due to the public’s ignorance of the law and available remedies, Pakistan has failed to fulfill its international commitments, particularly human rights law. Students and staff are reluctant to report incidents of bullying in public and private schools.

The Protection of Women from Workplace Harassment Act 2010 was introduced to complement legislation and speed up justice. What does “criminal activity” really mean? Any sexual harassment, stalking or cyber-harassment, verbal, visual or written, obscene or obscene conduct, including any interference or instruction that interferes with work or creates threats, violence or virtue. Attempts are made to work environment or to be fined. If these regulations are established or enforced in the workplace, the complainant is penalized for refusal. Article

“Discrimination on the basis of gender, which may not be based on gender, but which may lead to hatred and discrimination, or which may lead to feelings of discrimination based on gender to those who are dissatisfied.” Protection of Women from Workplace Harassment Act 2010 Section 2(h)(ii). Women’s rights are at risk worldwide due to the production of social goods as cultural equality.

Societal expectations and values towards women are held more passionately. Families of the victims often prefer not to share the incident because they fear that it will negatively affect them. The Women’s Workplace Harassment Protection Act, which prohibits workplace harassment, faces serious problems stemming from our family relationships.

Even when a girl reports being bullied, she and her family have to grapple with tough questions about the girl’s moral behavior in society. To raise public awareness, the government should develop strict measures to compel the public and private sectors to comply with anti-bullying laws.

By educating children, parents and staff about the Law, our culture can evolve and become more transparent so that they can stand up for their rights when the law is violated.

The writer is a student of BS Journalism Studies 8 Semester at School of Communication Studies, University of the Punjab. Lahore

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