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High Profile Murders in Pakistan and their Decisions!

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Report By Sonia Akmal, Hooria Butt and Ehsan Khan and Shaharyar Khan

LAHORE: (January 5, 2018): Law is equal for everyone but there is discrimination in its implementation.  This report is based on a TV program on “High Profile Murders in Pakistan and their Decisions” was recorded by Samaa TV at Institute of Communication Studies on Friday. The guest speakers included Justice (r) Nasira Javed Iqbal, Syed Bilal Qutab, Dr. Raghib Naeemi and advocate Mian Ali Ashfaq.

The main objective of the program was to get familiar with the public opinion and provide answers to the questions on high profile murders in Pakistan and their decisions, failures in Judicial System of Pakistan and diyat. Students actively participated in the program. Following are the questions that were asked by Zeeshan Malik (Anchor person), students and staff reporters of The Educationist:

Zeeshan Malik: Why law and order applies only to the poor or middle class and not to bigwigs?

Justice (r) Nasira Javed Iqbal: Law is equal for everyone but it is sad to see that the discrimination in its implementation.

Zeeshan Malik: Sir, you traveled a lot, met people who are the victims of injustice due to different reasons. Do you think there are 2 types of laws being employed in our country?

Syed Bilal: As Justice Nasira Javed said that law is equal for everyone and the lawyers are not the culprits here. There job is to fight for their client in its case. A lawyer is not a moral guide, it’s the judge who should be intelligent, competent and most importantly, honest. Flaws in interpreter causes the problems to arise.

Zeeshan Malik: We have astonishing examples of justice in islamic history but in present situation do you think there is contradiction in islamic and our country’s law and order?

Dr. Raghib Naeemi The main thing is implementation of law and punishments.

Zeeshan Malik: Who will interpret sharia law ?

Dr. Raghib Naeemi: Sharia courts and Islamic Ideological Council should perform this duty.

ICS student: You named 2 institutions but they are not highly considered why? people can trust the Imams of there masjid’s but not on Islamic Ideological (nazaryati) Council!

Dr. Raghib Naeemi: First of all tell me who takes advice from Islamic Ideological Council? If people approach Islamic ideological council their disputes and problems will be surely resolved.

Zeeshan Malik: It happens and seems like that judges and lawyers are highly influenced by bigwigs what do you say on this ?

Justice (R) Nasira Javed Iqbal: It has been 20 years I got retired. But at that time such things don’t happened that much but now this happens because of lack of legal ethics that are not being taught in law schools!

Zeeshan Malik: What is Shahzaib murder case exactly actually why it does not falls in section 7ATA?

Mian Ali Ashfaq: It is classic case of murder not the case of terrorism it can not fall in sec. 7ATA.

The Educationist reporter Hooria Butt: We do not follow religion and Prophet(SAW) sunnah as it is our religious obligation to stop the injustice but we are not raising our voices when and how we can step forward and who will guide us?

Syed Bilal Qutab: It is not judiciary that is weak basically our intellectuals are corrupt if they get back to the right way we’ll have a right and sound system of law and order.

The Educationist reporter Sonia Akmal : How we can aware youth ? Don’t you think legal education should be given on Matric and intermediate level?

Justice (r) Nasira Javed Iqbal: This is what for which I struggled a lot that basics of law should be taught in intermediate and Matric level although it should be taught at every level.

The Educationist reporter Sonia Akmal : What is your basic purpose of this program?

Azaan Malik (Producer): The main purpose is to make public opinion and to convey their thoughts to higher authorities and public at large.

The Educationist reporter Sonia Akmal: How much you are satisfied with this program did you got the required output?

Zeeshan Malik (Anchor): I’m not fully satisfied, people are not much aware of issues and are not that much serious. They don’t raise voice for their rights and it will take long to make them aware and inculcate our ideas.

The Educationist: Are you planning to do more programs on this subject?

Zeeshan and Azaan Malik: Yes, we will do more on this topic in near future.



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