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Pollution Problem in Pakistan 

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By Fatima Zahid

Modern age is the age of scientific inventions. Science has blessed us with many blessings. There, the threats to human life and the recipe for avoiding them have also been told, one of them is environmental pollution.  New diseases are being born due to chlorofluorocarbons are the biggest hand in polluting the environment we live in.

 There are toxic substances released from factories polluting the water, soil and air due to which diseases like cholera and typhoid are becoming common. Pollution is harmful to human life. It is necessary that we keep our environment clean and prevent deforestation to control the pollution around us. Awareness should be spread in all sections of the society so that people keep their environment clean۔
Pakistan is one of the world’s most affected nation 125,000 Pakistanis died every year out of which 60,000 due to respiratory diseases in Pakistan which is the 3rd most important cause of death in the world

While the air quality is more than 30% of the safe limit. There are some sources of air pollution like traffic, Industries burning of solid waste

Number of vehicles are continuously increasing in the country from the last 20 year. During 1991-2012 there are 450% increase in motorcycles and scoters and 650% increase in motorcars they produce pollution as well in the form of carbon dioxide.

Industries should be banned in the cities besides ensuring no to avoid many health issues caused due to the pollution such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and high mortality rates.

Smog was the fifth season in 2022 in Pakistan. It is dangerous for each and every person. People face eye infection. Asthma patients and children are easy victim of smog.

The government should develope guidelines for air quality and pass an ordinance to ban industries in cities, also vehicles number need a check to keep a balance.

The writer is a  student of Department of Journalism at Punjab University Lahore. She can be contacted at: [email protected]

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