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International conference on Banking Insurance & Business Management

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LAHORE: Punjab University Hailey College of Banking and Finance organized its first-ever conference on “Banking Insurance & Business Management – CBIBM -2017 during December 14-15, 2017. The conference was all a success as 63 papers were presented by international and national scholars from business schools. The conference theme “Paradigm Shift in Philosophies of Business World” was suggested in the wake of geo political changes and social uprising on religiosity and ethical values in the world of business.

The inaugural session was held on December 14, 2017. Justice (r) Khalil-ur-Rehman Khan, the Chairman of Punjab Halal Authority, was the Chief Guest. Dr. Khalid Zaheer, an eminent scholar on Islamic Finance and Ethics, was keynote speaker. Principal of the College Prof. Dr. Mubbsher Munawar Khan was convener of the conference. Other keynote speakers were Dr. Shahzadah Nayyer Jehan, Associate Professor Tohoku University of Community Services & Science, Japan and Dr. Dildar Hussain, Associate Professor of Rennes School of Business, France. Dr. Baker, Professor at University of Jordan could not make his way due to the procedural limitations.

In his welcome address, Principal HCBF Prof. Dr. Mubbsher Munawar Khan explained the conference theme. He presented a detailed review of the Market on account of introduction of Islamic Banking and Takaful services in the financial sector. The opportunities in context of Halal Markets were also highlighted. His presentation included practical suggestion to tap the increasing size of the halal market. He correlated the opportunities in the market with the strategies to achieve academic excellence exploring new opportunities and dynamics of meeting challenges through promotion of research culture in academia in general and HCBF in particular.

Dr. Khalid Zaheer from International Technology University, Lahore, presented a detailed review of the drift in business paradigms due the religiosity. He gave a detailed review of the significance of Islamic Ethics and impact of religious injunctions in augmenting sizable business from the markets emerged on the scene. His scholarly presentation covered in detail the injunctions prohibiting Riba and a comparative analysis of Riba and Trade.

Exploitation of Riba-based financing and the dealing financial institutions were also highlighted in his scholarly presentation. Dr. Dildar Hussain, a PhD in Management from University of Vienna Austria and Associate Professor at the ESC Rennes School of Business, France, elaborated the role of Information Technology in accelerating the pace of business. He highlighted the change in conventional decision-making process enabling the entrepreneurs to capitalize the benefits of contemporary strategies.

Importance of timely and accurate decision making was the main substance of his talk. Dr. Shahzadah Nayyer Jehan, a PhD in Business Administration from Japan and Professor at Tohoku University of Community Service and Science, Japan, presented a review of the challenges in the business world in the wake Blue Ocean Theory. He was of the opinion that these radical changes demand an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the situation. The Chief Gujest Justice (r) Khaleel ur Rehman Khan is a known figure in the legal and financial circles. His historical Judgment on Riba laid the foundations of growth of Islamic Banking. He explained in detail the Islamic perspective of Halal products and services. Presenting the details of the historic judgment, he deliberated upon the permissible and restricted areas of financial transactions.

The challenges to the banks in transforming themselves from Conventional Banking to Islamic Banking were also discussed in detail. A global perspective of the Halal Market and the emerging markets was also presented. The role to be played by academia in creating awareness among masses was emphasized. He also pointed out that the principles of Sharia on this important aspect can only be accomplished if legislature, Executive, Judiciary, Media and Academia would realize its importance. A total of 63 papers were presented in all 16 sessions of the two-day conference.

The sessions were chaired by PhD faculty from different business schools. The presenters and the students benefitted a lot from the discussion held in all sessions. Closing ceremony was held on December 15. Speaking at the occasion, Dr. Dildar Hussain and Dr. Shahzadah Nayyer Jehan appreciated the conference management team. They praised quality of the work presented at the conference. Later while officially closing the conference, Principal HCBF Dr. Mubbsher Munawar Khan, expressed his satisfaction on accomplishment of the objectives. He praised the efforts of college faculty, organizers and college support staff for making arrangements. He reiterated his commitment to strive for academic excellence through research based teachings.

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