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KPK education officer interrupts Imran’s press talk

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ISLAMABAD ( Aug 3, 2016): Azra Imran KhanAfridi, an education officer of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, on Wednesday interrupted the press conference of PTI Chairman Imran Khan to voice her grievances against the provincial education department.
Imran had to stop the press conference as the woman started protesting against some corrupt officers of the KP education department who had lodged a first investigation report resize(FIR) against her.
Imran asked the woman to restrain herself but she continued to tell about her predicament in raised voice.
Since the woman continued her protest before the mediamen without heeding to Imran Khan, he had to leave the press conference in the middle.
Later talking to newsmen, Azra alleged that a PTI’s MPA, KP Education Minister Atif, Secretary Education Abdul Latif, Special Secretary Education Atif, Director Rafiq Khattak and officers Rehana Yasmeen and Yasmeen Hafeez were all corrupt and involved in corruption cases. Such corrupt education department officials had the full support and protection of the PTI government, she claimed.
She said she had prepared a report against ghost employees and teachers, which was the reason behind her dismissal and lodging of an FIR against her by the top education officials.  Copies of the FIR were distributed among the mediamen. Azra alleged that nobody in the KP government was ready to listen to her.
PTI leaders, who were present at the press conference, first tried to pacify Azra Afridi and then made an effort to stop her from presenting her point of view before media. She, however, refused to listen to them and kept on talking
about her plight. –APP

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