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We are very fortunate that we went through this blessed most month of Ramazan Alhumdulilah. Whose importance can be observed by this tradition of holy prophet pbuh where he said that

“Pitiful and unlucky is he who happened to be in month of ramazan but was unable to get himself forgiven (from ALLAH) i.e through HIS mercy.”

We learnt a lot from this month:-

  • We learnt patience
  • We learnt harmony
  • We learnt sacrifice
  • We learnt meekness
  • We learnt truthfulness
  • We learnt honesty
  • We acted politely
  • We behave sensibly
  • We cared for the human
  • We helped the Poor

Yes ! we shown off virtues as well. We tried our best to prove ourselves a true Muslim.


Will it end today ? Will these all virtues halt here ? Are these all qualities destined to end by the end of Ramazan ?

If so , then we would be so much unlucky.

If so , then we would be so much unfaithful towards our Allah.

If so , then we would be much unfair with our promises.

Lets pray that we may not forget all these attributes today.We may not halt here.We may not become by name muslim only rather we should be real observer of it as well.

Once holy prophet SAW said:

خُیْرُ الْعَمَلِ مَا دَامَ وَأِنْ قَلَّ

“that best of deeds is what prolongs , even if it lessens”

In the end , a final request…

May our mosques remain full like they had been through out ramazan and may we see the same amount of muslims on the FAJAR of EID DAY.inshallah



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