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Letter to Editor in Response to Interview of Dr. Suhail Aftab

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By Prof. Dr. Shahid Munir

This is reference to an interview of Dr. Suhail Aftab (Dean Electrical Engineering, UET and President TSA) published in The Educationist in Issue 3, Volume 12 of March 2016.

No doubt long term energy needs necessitate setting up of hydropower stations as it is the cheapest source of electricity production but such projects takes about a decade for their completion. At the same time, alone hydro power cannot meet future electricity needs. Moreover, constructions of dams require political consensus.

Prof. Dr. Shahid Munir
Prof. Dr. Shahid Munir

The present government is giving due focus for establishment of hydropower generation but energy mix in the country must also include other indigenous sources of electricity generation like wind energy and solar energy as it is not wise to depend only on one source.
Coal is single largest source of power generation in the world and clean coal technology are now integral part of modern power plants. Regarding Sahiwal Coal Power Plant, it will not be hazard for peoples’ health and environment of surrounding as the government has assured the compliance of international environmental and safety standards before granting approval for this plan. While discussing a coal plant only a coal expert should be consulted and Dr. Suhail Aftab is an alien in the field of Coal Technology. It is a misconception against a techno-economic project that is lifeline for Pakistan and is a category-A project of Pak-China Economic Corridor.

(The writer is Director of PU Center for Coal Technology. He can be reached at: [email protected])

Click here to read the interview of Mr Suhail Aftab

Sahiwal Coal Power project a hazard for health, environment: Dr Suhail Aftab

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