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MDCAT Retest: Justified or not

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Lahore: The Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) is going to be re-held on October 29. Students are in panic to take test again. Many students are protesting to demand that the test should not be taken again as it is not fair while some are ready for it.

The protesters are arguing that they worked hard for MDCAT and passed it successfully, now University of Health and Sciences (UHS) is taking it again. This step is unjust for them. UHS is doing this just because the copies of paper were leaked by some people and students qualified examination by buying that leaked copies. Atif Watto, a candidate from Sialkot, told The Educationist that there should be no re-test because like him, a lot of students worked hard and passed exam and now the stamina of study will not be like the same as it was earlier. It will be difficult to pass the test again. Another student Rimsha Chaudhary from Sahiwal, said “We don’t want admissions on the basis of FSc and Matric exams but some students after recent test are demanding that test should not be taken as they cannot even apply for the test. Only such students are demanding admission on the basis of FSc and matric marks.”

Many students are also demanding quota system. A candidate Urwa Batool suggested that there should be quota system for underdeveloped cities and Jhang should be included in it. While on other hand students are also against this Quota system as Maryam from Burewala told The Educationist that admission should be on merit base, and quota system must be abolished. Some students are demanding that seats must be increased to 5000 as compared to previous seats (3405). A candidate Usama Khan stated that this paper was leaked by some people, why the government instead of taking action against them, was punishing 65 thousand candidates who recently appeared in MDCAT and this was injustice with them.

Areej Qureshi said “No retest should be taken because it is just to torture and what is the reason behind this retake, why don’t you give admissions on FSc basis. Why you don’t rely on your education system then why you trust on this MDCAT which is even more corrupt? If you are not satisfied then either you should take MDCAT or FSc papers or make your system better or safe. I think the retake is simply a drama because don’t you think what has happened before can be done again and it’s a bet that paper will be leaked again”

Asghar Abbas said to The Educationist “keeping in view the whole circumstances, I personally appreciate the re-take of MDCAT. The government and honorable court have chosen the best possible solution”.

Sara Farooq, a candidate said “it should not be re-held just because it is not an aptitude test but a torture test for students, nothing else” keeping all the views in mind it is now a challenge for UHS to take test again or not.

Writer are student of Bs (Hons) Mass Communication at Lahore Leads University and interns at The Educationist Pakistan.

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