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Man vs Machine: Microsoft, Alibaba AI programs beat humans in reading comprehension tests

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Here comes the day when man-made programs defeated their creator. That is the height of human knowledge and wisdom. This happened when artificial intelligence programs developed by Alibaba and Microsoft managed to defeat humans in reading comprehension tests.

Stanford University conducts reading comprehension tests, which have been used by different companies to compare their artificial intelligence programs with the performance of human beings. So far, the programs presented by Facebook, Tencent and Samsung had been defeated by man.

The situation just changed on January 11 when the Alibaba program narrowly defeated the human participants with a score 82.44 against 82.304. The next day, the Microsoft program repeated the feat, defeating the humans, achieving a score of 82.65.

The test consists of giving each group a series of Wikipedia articles and then ask a series of questions about it.

According to the chief language processing scientist of Alibaba, Luo Si, this technology will be applied gradually in different fields, such as customer service, guided visits to museums, answers to medical consultations, among others. According to Si, it is expected that this technology will take jobs nowadays carried out by human beings.

Andrew Pickup, the spokesman for Microsoft during the tests, was more candid, stating that the tangible benefits of the use of artificial intelligence technology will be derived from the use in harmony with humans.

The race for the mastery of these technologies will become increasingly intense. Russian President Vladimir Putin said a few months ago that anyone who becomes a leader in artificial intelligence will become the ruler of the world.

In a few years, we will have a quite different world from what we live today. Are we ready for what is coming?

Come up youth Pakistan and take the challenge.

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