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Mission Flying Out : Study Masters in Germany Part 1

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By Moeez Saleem

Pakistan is facing a record inflation this year forcing a large number of higher educated citizens to leave country for a better future . It is easy to understand that if you are earning in rupees and spending in the same currency then your state is miserable because minimum wage in Punjab province is thirty two thousand only. Some people are giving their opinions about these citizens that they are leaving their country at the time of need but on the other hand truth is that they will help economy to boost up as they will send the money to their family back home .

More than 0.8 million Pakistan’s brains drained to the different parts of world in the study and work visa category

Many consultants are working in major cities of Pakistan regarding study visa process charging a handsome amounts to shine their business only .In Europe mostly countries have free study programs in their public universities which cuts the consultant’s commission . If you have interest in studying abroad and has plans to settle down there then among all countries Germany is a safe heaven . Germany has a shortage of around 2 million skilled workers in their country as per the report states of their economic institute (WI) and their decision makers are also making an easy procedure to apply for study in their country and giving permanent residences to fill this gap . Applying in Germany is a lengthy procedure but can be done by students themselves without any consultants help .If you have completed your graduation then start the process now .

Part 1 : Process of applying

First verify your Intermediate and Graduation degrees and transcript from HEC and BISE . Then notarize your documents . Notarizing the documents means that a person will attest the photocopies of your degrees by checking the original documents .

Next step is to secure an IELTS test having minimum 6-6.5 band overall , some universities do not have this requirement but they need english proficiency letter of the respective university from where you have completed your degree . But without IELTS you are minimizing your chances as 90 % of german universities asked for IELTS.

After that a letter of recommendation from your university and a letter of motivation is required at the time of applying in german universities . You can source the letter of motivation from internet , can write it yourself or can be written by experts . Then go to internet browser and search euro pass CV , put your details in the website and it will create you a CV according to german requirements.

Go to DAAD.de , website search for your respective program and the list of universities will appear who are offering the program with details. Check the details carefully applying date , requirements , fees etc . Mostly public universities of Germany have free education but some of them have semester fees that’s why you have to be careful while shortlisting the institutions . German grade and Pakistan’s GPA system is different in nature so tally your GPA with german required grades from internet.Minimum GPA is not a term in Germany because if your letter of motivation has worth then even the low GPA will not stop you.

You can apply in universities through two ways university’s own online portal or through Uni-assist . After shortlisting the institutes send your documents to Uni-assist they will further circulate your application to different universities that you have selected or you can go to university’s website, create an account and apply to the universities one by one .

After 4-6 weeks you will receive the acceptance letter from different universities then you have to select by searching on internet about the city, university rankings, job opportunities etc.

Block account is basically blocking the money in a german bank account for a period of one year. The money is not going to any government account , it will remain in an account opened in your name as this money is assurity that the student will not leave its study for earnings. Monthly the bank will give you a decent amount from your blocked account to meet expenses in Germany. You can select the bank from website of embassy , the site has the list of verified banks .

Pakistan has Consulate of Karachi for Sindi and Balochi students , for Punjab and KPK students Islamabad embassy of Germany is operating. Download the visa application form from official website , submit it after completing with travel insurance certificate and the embassy will give you a date for interview at the spot or in most cases after some weeks . Interview is based on the questions about program in which you want to study , why choosing Germany for study?  future plans etc.

If all things go in right direction then after 4-6 weeks you will get your study visa from embassy.One thing you have to keep in your mind is to manage these dates to the starting date of course in Germany. Next step is to arrange a suitable flight to Germany.

The writer is a student of Punjab University BSJS (8th semester) and can be reached at email :[email protected]

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