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Online coaching saves time & money

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By Muhammad Rehan Butt

Being trainers, teachers & responsible coaches; we have to discourage this evening coaching so called academy system as it is more than a poison for the educational structure of this nation. Students have very good marks in matriculation and in intermediate but unfortunately are unable to make their assignments at university level as they mostly copy and paste from internet. These money earning institutes not only ruin the creative abilities of the students but also make them habitual of spoon feeding and in their whole lives they keep waiting for some help from others.

At the same time these young learners are also unable to develop some most important skills such as leadership, decision making, problem solving, teamwork, visualization, conceptualization, practice by writing, time management, stress management, etc. These skills are most important for a child in his/her learning age as even during the armed forces recruitment in ISSB these core skills are observed. During my last many lectures I tried my best to show the right direction to our children, they are our future, the future leaders of the nation. We all have to fulfil our responsibilities as parents, teachers, guardians and information officers as how such a student can grow physically, mentally even spiritually who had spent whole day on a chair by sitting and just listening. Similarly, we must also highlight the importance and benefits of self-study and 8 hours sleep for students.

On daily basis, I encounter those students sleeping and yawning in the class who spend their half day in evening coaching system even after taking all subject classes in college from reputed teachers. But at the same time we have numerous examples of great achievers in same classes who take proper rest after college then give 4 to 5 hours to self-studies, some time to curricular activities and take proper sleep. They look quite fresh, happy, and energetic and make a healthy participation in lecture. A very useful initiative is taken by a well reputed college of Pakistan in this regard by launching a free e-Learning website where intermediate students can find videos on recorded lectures on all the topics of all the subjects. It will not only save their money and time but also help them to give proper time for self-study. On this regard, if you are an intermediate student and have any ambiguity or confusion on any topic of any subject just open www.el.pgc.edu and fulfill your thirst for knowledge by attending online lectures of renowned subject specialist teachers of the most reputed institute.

Writer is Professional Coach, Trainer, Counselor, Educationist by heart, Working in Punjab Group of Colleges as ” Trainer & Motivational Speaker” and General Secretary Character Building Society (UMT), Ex-Joint Secretary ADAB (UMT). He can be reached at [email protected]

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