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Pakistani and Indian students are more creative and interactive: Dr. Anne Marseille

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European media is controlled by the United States of America

Interview of Professor Dr. Anne Van Marseille      

By Azhar Iqbal
The Asian education system is far better than European system because of having much creativity and Asian students especially Pakistanis and Indians are more interactive, enthusiastic and creative, said Prof. Dr. Anne Van Marseille, who serves in the Higher Education Institute for Communication in Belgium.

Talking to The Educationist, a premiere education newspaper of Pakistan, Prof. Anne said that she will be happy to visit Pakistan. She said that it will be an honour for her to deliver a lecture at the Institute of Communication Studies (ICS), University of the Punjab. “I have heard a lot about the hospitality and colourful culture of Pakistan and I would love to be in the society where people are welcoming, smiling and friendly.”

Dr. Marseille born in Brussels, Belgium. She studied Germanic languages at the university. She was interested in Russian and Slavic languages as well. Later on, she started working at Higher Education institution for Communication, Belgium. She got doctorate in Education (informal learning) at the Open University (UK). During her doctorate, she got interested in Intercultural and Organisational Management. She is now an Accredited Lecturer and Practitioner and working at the Hofstede Centre. She is also attending and giving lectures in many countries of the world.

She told The Educationist that she has delivered lectures in different countries of the world and found the sub-continent students more respectful rather than European and other Western countries’.

Azhar Iqbal while interviews Dr. Anne V. Marseille

While comparing the education system of Asia and Europe, she said that there is a big difference between European Education System and Asian one. Asian education system is far better being having much creativity in it. Asian students especially Pakistanis and Indians are more interactive, enthusiastic and creative. They keep a proper distance between teachers and themselves but European students are too much casual in treating teachers. European students sometimes write me as casual as they are friends of mine, which is awful for me being a teacher. Asian students want to know something new every time. On the other hand Belgium is little conservative to use new skills and technology. India may be the best in computer technology.

When asked about difficult criteria of admission in European educational institutions for African and Asian students, Prof. Anne said  their students have very low level of education to meet the criteria. “Many of African students don’t want to go back to their countries.  They try to settle in Europe and we don’t have enough space to accommodate them at all actually.”

Dr. Anne also said, although Europe is good in higher education but not as good as the United States of America. “Most highly ranked universities are located in America. We need improvements to balance theory and practice in European Education System.

While talking about Media she said that generally European media is biased. Journalists portray the facts according to their own interests. She revealed that European media is controlled by the United States of America. USA has its interests in this region due to which its agenda is followed by the European media. She said the Russian media also don’t show the real picture of some countries.

Common people don’t realise actual situation until they visit these countries. It is better to go and live with them to know how they are in reality.



(The writer is media graduate and The Educationist Resident Editor in Russia. He can be reached at: [email protected])

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