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Pakistani gemstones with Made-in-India tags?

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Hafiz Nauman Shafique
Hafiz Nauman Shafique

Pakistan, a source and large reservoir of mineral ores and gemstones, makes the country significant in the mineral world and international market too. The country’s western and northern areas contribute a lot towards precious minerals. We can make remarkable progresses by trading and selling these valuable minerals and make our earnings better. But, when we look at our attitudes towards country’s identity situation, it is very heartening to say that our minerals are being sold in the international market with the tag of other countries, especially India. Why is it so? I think just because of carelessness and laziness of government.

The government takes no notice what is going on as a result of which our economy is on the decline and overall living standard is very low. There is no lack of talent, creativity, but we need to build trust on “Made in Pakistan”.

If we take care of our identity and make progress in technology by installing our own machinery and equipment for polishing and cutting of gemstones rather than sending raw material abroad, we will definitely earn a huge foreign exchange and fame in of the world. The knowledge, which the world is using and implementing in a practical way, is the knowledge that Muslims gave them centuries back. But now Muslims themselves have left to practice their own knowledge. Almighty Allah has gifted Pakistan with rich mineral resources. There is nothing that is not present in Pakistan. ALLAH has narrated in Holy Quran: “So which of the bounties of your LORD will you deny.”

Selling raw minerals on throwaway prices and using other countries name tag is an alarming situation for Pakistan. If we don’t take control over it, there will never be the drop scene of this illegal trading and drama with the nation.

The tragedy of time is to make strict rules and regulations and one who want to play monopoly and break these rules should be given uncompromising punish. The famous quote regarding emeralds and gemstones is: “Emeralds that are smooth, and whose color is like the throat of a parrot, the back of firefly, leaves of water lily or the tail of the peacock bring Luck.” May Allah bless our countrymen with the vision to protect and properly utilize the treasures kept in our beloved land for the prosperity of our people.

(The writer is student of BSc Geological Engineering, 3rd semester at UET, Lahore. He can be reached at: [email protected] )

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