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Professors, students want NAP implementation after Lahore blast

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Report by: Naveed Zafar and Abdul Sattar

Naveed Zafar
Abdul Sattar

LAHORE (Thursday, April 6, 2017) University students and professors are much disappointed over Bedian road blast, which claimed six lives and they have demanded the government and law enforcement agencies to punish the culprits and devise a proper strategy to implement the National Action Plan.

The Punjab University professors and students said through media and collaboration among different political parties and the government can ensure peaceful and stable Pakistan. They said, citizens need to be more vigilant in identifying illegal activities and suspected people in surroundings. Professors and students expressed their views in a survey conducted by Educationist here on Thursday.

Dr. Abida Eijaz, Assistant Professor of Institute of Communication Studies (ICS) said that she was deeply saddened by yesterday’s terror activity in Lahore on census team. “The current ongoing unrest situation in the country is legacy of previous governments. It is planted, as followers of Islam are the followers of peace. To counter such terror activities it needs interactive measurements including all stake holders. Citizens should be sensitized and societies can play important role in tackling such activities.”

Seemab Far Bukhari, Assistant Professor of ICS said, “Insecure and uncertain situation has prevailed all over Lahore after this sad incident and it has now become a routine. Government need to punish the responsible. If law enforcement agencies are not secure, how could they assure our security.”

Shabbir Sarwar, another Assistant Professor of ICS said that, “Law enforcement agencies must take citizens on board as one of the major stake holders for intelligence information sharing. There is a need to establish an information sharing mechanism through which citizen can share their information to these agencies. Awarding informer with some handsome amount and appreciation certificates and awards in case of information leading to the arrest of some terrorists, can also be helpful to encourage information sharing.”

Dr. Lubna Shaheen, another Assistant Professor of ICS expressed her views that it was a sad incident. “Government is not taking enough measures to stop on-going terror activities which has led to such anarchy situation in the country. In these circumstances, media can play very vital role by sensitizing people.”

Hafiz Muhammad Ibrahim, Student of ICS said that “terror attacks have become a normal routine in our lives, and it is due to bad politics. Politicians are more interested in their personal interest rather than public and national interest. They need to tackle terror activities by doing good politics for people.”

Madiha Maqsood, M.Phil Scholar at ICS says that I am feeling very bad about the incident. No one has left secure in Pakistan. Citizens need to be more vigilant and proactive about their surroundings and should inform the concerned security authorities in case of suspicious people or activity.”

Shamreeza Tariq Baloch student of ICS says the incident has marked a big question on the performance and ability of law enforcing agencies. Citizens need to come forward and take responsibility of security their concerned areas.”

Ahsan ul Haq, Student of Psychology department says it is very unexpected especially when it comes about census team. Pakistan has been sacrificing a lot in the fight against terrorism. It is the duty of government to ensure security to the people.”

Aneela Taria, Student of English department says that “It is very sad incident which is creating chaos among the people. Especially students are more psychology affected. We need to establish information cell where citizens can approach and inform regarding any illegal people or activity. “

Muhammad Waleed, Student of IBAS says that “I am much disappointed with ongoing situation in the country and yesterday’s blast has added more to it. I believe it is the right time that students union can play very positive role. They must go door to door to sensitize people about their responsibilities.”

Sania Shahzad, Student of ICS says that “I think yesterday’s blast was to stop and demoralize the census but it cannot stop the will of the people of Pakistan.”

Umar Shabbir, Student of ICS says that “I want to say it is a coward action to destabilize Pakistan. Such activates happen when there a big task has to do by Pakistan. We hope this government will soon uproot the terrorism.”


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