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Rains hit Lahore hard

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By Sehar Asif
The monsoon spell has hit again, several areas in Lahore. Although rain has break the scorching heat spell as the weather became pleasant, people have to face many difficulties as well.

Light to heavy rain showers continue in the city. Areas which received heavy rainfall are Gulberg, Data Darbar, Lakshmi Chowk, Qartaba Chowk these areas recorded rain of 100 millimetres while Gulshan Ravi received the rain of 175 mm.
Many areas of Lahore are facing urban flooding. These include  Androon Lahore like Shadbagh has poor sewerage system due to negligence of local government and people who live there.

Rain also caused many problems like traffic jams, power outages. In the area of Harbanspura, one person was reported dead because of electric shock, he couldn’t see the wire which was in rain water.

The city district government, especially WASA has again failed to drain the water ponded on roads and streets. Irresponsible citizen behavior adds to the problem, as people mostly throw trash outside their houses or near the trash bins which hindered water flow to the drainage system. We as the resident of Pakistan should keep our country clean. Our religion also teaches us to become good citizen and contribute to the cleanliness. Holy prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said: “Cleanliness is half of Faith”

To become good citizen and good Muslim we must clean our homes and surroundings.

The writer is the student of Department of Journalism at Punjab University, Lahore and she can be reached at: [email protected]

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