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Personal empowerment ideally relates to the feelings in which one consider him powerful enough in pursuing the

Faizan Khalid
Faizan Khalid

path he desires. Training personal empowerment to perfection includes the way you motivate and fuel yourself and setting up skills and goals, and establishing a behavior to achieve these goals. Everyone needs self-empowerment to achieve more. Here are a few tips that will make you feel empowered in your daily life.
Setting up a mind:
The first thing is understanding your character, motivating yourself and making up your mind to response to a certain situation. Thiseffectively helps in building positivity and reduces the feeling of stress in your mind. Take a pen and list down all the strengths & weaknesses you have, be honest with it.
Focus on your strengths:
Our strengths are the ultimate key to our success. When we do things we are really good at, the chance of success is higher. Closely watch the signs of your excitement when you engage yourself in some activity if it makes you happy, it is your strength. Carefully notice the things you do differently from others
Fight with your weaknesses:
It is really important to realize & accept your weaknesses, but how about turning them into your strengths? Find out what makes you feel weak. For example, if you consider yourself short tempered, you can start participating in activities or brain exercises wherein patience is enhanced.
Set goals and take action:
Have a plan for your life and set goals that motivate you. Make sure these goals relate to the high priorities of your life and are attainable. Understand why your goal is valuable and important to you. Once you are successful in setting them up devote all your efforts and time to each goal. Commitment is really important you must have a feeling of “I am going to do it” attitude, your goals should be time bound and have phases. Celebrate your success during completion of each phase.
Make your own decisions:
Do not rely on others to make choices for you and do not make hasty decisions. However, making decisions is a skill set that needs to be developed. Try simple techniques like you are advising a friend for the same issue. Go with your gut feeling about taking the action. Apply reasoning based on facts and figures but don’t get confused.
These are a few short techniques that I found useful and might help you with building personal empowerment in a shorter span of time.

(The writer is chairman Liberal Human Forum and Director Vision Telecom. He can be reached at: [email protected])

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