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Seminar on Character Building Societies by NAB

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By Hasnain Raza


Hasnain Raza

A seminar on ‘character building societies’, was organized by the National Accountability Bureau Multan at Government Post Graduate College of Commerce, D.G. Khan for International Anti-Corruption Day on November 30th, 2016. Deputy Director NAB Khalid Mehmood who presided over the seminar, said transparency, integrity and accountability were a must to fight corruption and called for public awareness and participation to end the evil.

He said, “without citizens support we cannot eradicate corruption. That is why we continuously need public help to end the roots of corruption in the society. In South Punjab there are 713 schools & colleges in which we have conduct seminar like this.

Prof. Dr. Altaf Hussain Dseminar31irectorate Colleges D.G.Khan called for an attitudinal change in the outlook of the public towards corruption to end the menace. He said It’s NAB’s responsibility to build awareness campaigns and for this campaign role of media is very important. We all are with NAB in eradication of corruption.

At the seminar principal Government Post Graduate College of Commerce Prof. Sajjad Hussain told
The Educationalist that this is the third time they conduct anti corruption seminar in their college and will hope to join hands with NAB in future too, to create awareness among students on eradication of corruption from the society. He further said NAB itself is an educational institution, to educate the people how to eliminate corruption.

Prof. Dr. Altaf Hussain (Directorate Colleges D.G.Khan) was the Chief Guest; other guests were Mazhar Hussain (Deputy Directorate College), Khalid Mehmood (Deputy Director NAB, Multan), and Prof. Sajjad Hussain (Principal government post graduate college of commerce).

Students and some of the staff shared their views on “Role of youth in combating corruption.” in adopting good practices at the work place and to eradicate corruption.

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