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Sexual harassment situations in Pakistan

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 By Shanza Saeed

IMG_20160903_215758_886Living in this modern era, we all have had our fair share of its pros and cons. Pros being the Rapedtechnology, the power whether nuclear or electrical, and Cons being the exposure these brought with them. How they brought the things and matters considered shameful and immoral into the limelight? Those acts, people were too ashamed to speak of, are some of those which are now raved about the most. Rape, prostitution, human trafficking, and sexual harassment. Our main concern here is sexual harassment, which to some people may be less harmful than others. But it is one of the most important issues that people should be concerned about nowadays.

We all are familiar with the term, sexual harassment. In literal terms, it means “bullying or coercion of sexual nature, or the unwelcome or inappropriate promise of reward in exchange for sexual favors”.

Going on along with the history, the term was first time used in a report by Mary Rowe in 1973. It takes us to a conclusion that its origin was the early 70’s.

It can occur in a variety of circumstances, i.e., workplaces, e.g., job interviews, offices with victims being pushed around and assaulted by their bosses, clients, and even colleagues. Educational institutes, e.g., schools where children could be used for pleasure purposes. Also colleges and universities where in some cases, the respected member of the staff harassed by their heads. Even it can occur in media, modeling industry, drama industry, film industry.

The victims are worthy of respect and love. But some of them are looked down upon for this and they are assaulted and harassed verbally, non verbally, physically.. It’s not only restricted to women but to children too. Important and firm steps are needed to be taken immediately, to prevent this.

A series of awareness seminars can be conducted in all educational institutions. Distributing flyers, pamphlets, time to time as a reminder can be an information tool.

These kind of incidents have strong physical, emotional, and mental impacts which can destroy a bright life. It is also true that we don’t feel the pain or unless it is inflicted on us or someone we love.

(The writer is a student of media and communication studies and she is based in Lahore, Pakistan)

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