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Shell Pakistan Limited is committed to promote safety at workplace and the community.

By Aryan Khan

Biker tagging offer is live at 176 retail stations across the country. It was for the first time that a firm in Pakistan had started a campaign to promote refueling safety among bike riders and rickshaw drivers. It is estimated that there are over 26 million motorbikes and auto rickshaws in the country, that are refueled numerous times a day. The campaign consisted of several safety-related messages, one of which aired as a television commercial also. Additionally, instructional materials were disseminated at petrol stations and other public locations, including shopping centers, universities, and dhabas. The educational materials focused on four simple procedures Shell implemented to improve fueling safety. The procedures consists of switching off the engine, stepping out of the vehicle, taking a few steps back, and ensuring safety.

Additionally, if someone may be waiting for his bike or rickshaw to be refueled, he must be aware of the following potential hazards: Spills of petrol have the potential to start fires. The vapors rising from the spills can ignite the surrounding area if they come in contact with a static charge or an ignition source. If a hot engine on a bike or rickshaw comes in touch with gasoline vapors or spilled petrol, this might also cause an explosion or a fire. Alterations to the engine and wiring of motorcycles and rickshaws, particularly those with three seats, can discharge static electricity into the environment, which can then start a fire. Pakistan has a history of risks of staying seated on a bike while refueling.

Undoubtedly, every person who relies on a motor vehicle for their daily commute is responsible for refueling that bike. Some people may need to refuel their vehicles daily. This is especially true for people who ride motorcycles or rickshaws, which have gasoline tanks that are too small to hold a significant amount of petroleum. Even though it would appear to be a very straightforward operation, the repercussions of not adhering to the correct safety procedures when fueling could be severe. Safety professionals stress regularly the importance of getting off of one’s motorbike or rickshaw to refuel. This is primarily the result of the abundance of hazards present in a petrol station and the propensity of automobile engines to catch fire.

Staying seated while refueling bike, auto rickshaw is a risk that can be dangerous

Shell Pakistan Limited (Shell) has been at the forefront of an effort to educate motorcyclists and rickshaw drivers on proper fueling procedures. With the slogan “Ehtiyaat Banay Hifazat” (precaution means preservation), Shell launched an advertising campaign warning against the dangers of keeping seated on a motorbike or rickshaw while refueling. Shell employed experiential communication in addition to traditional media, such as digital and print, to reach a wider audience and make a more profound impression. Shell organized a safety convoy to spread its message to the general public. This included town storming and safety buses. Shell is dedicated to fostering an environment free of harm at work and the broader community. Shell is doing its part to make Pakistan a better place for everyone by spreading the word about the dangers of staying seated while refueling.

The writer is student of BS Journalism at School of Communication Studies, University of the Punjab, Lahore. He can be reached at [email protected]

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