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South Asian culture In Pakistan

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By Ayesha Rizwan

South Asian art history is rich, including music, dance, literature and visual arts. Some of the popular South Asian art forms include classical dance such as Bharatanatyam and Kathak, traditional music such as Qawwali and Ghazal, and pictorial arts such as calligraphy and painting.

South Asian Pakistani culture has a high history and is known for its arts, music and literature. Some of the popular forms of Pakistani art include truck art, calligraphy, mosaics and pottery. Pakistani music is also very diverse, ranging from national qawwali and ghazal to contemporary pop and rock.

Pakistani literature has produced many eminent writers, such as Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Saadat Hasan Manto and Bano Qudsia.

Pakistani culture and arts are an important part of the country’s identity and are celebrated by people around the world. It has a beautiful and special charm. Art itself is a huge ocean of history but unfortunately in Pakistan it is left behind or is it only for rich people?

Nowadays arts college universities are only dedicated to make money, PIFD, BNU,NCA be seen as a source of income for these institutions. It’s important to acknowledge the truth that College, universities fees are quite high, and this can create difficulties for people from lower socio-economic backgrounds. I see. It sounds like the colleges in Pakistan are mainly focused on making money and don’t prioritize providing quality education. That’s unfortunate.

It’s understandable that you want to receive a good education and not just be seen as a source of income for these institutions. Have you considered looking for alternative education options that are more focused on providing quality education?

The writer is a student of BS Journalism studies at Punjab University and can be reached at:[email protected] 

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