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Special children give special performances to mark their world day

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By Sonia Akmal, Hooria Butt and Ehsan Khan

LAHORE: (December 5, 2017 ): Punjab University Child Welfare Center  arranged an event in connection with the International Day of People with Disability (December 3) to encourage and arouse the abilities of special children in our society and made them feel really special and distinguished by making them realize that they have extra ordinary abilities.

Special children entertained the audience and guests with their outstanding performances were highly appreciated.

Prof. Dr. Zafar Moeen Nasir was  the chief guest of the ceremony. While addressing on this occasion, he said that “Allah Almighty has bestowed special children with special abilities and we need to identify them and make them useful part of our society.”


PU Child Welfare Center Principal Dr Ayesha

While talking to The Educationist,  Child Welfare Center Principal Dr Ayesha said: “ Every year Special Children Day is celebrated on December 3 worldwide to promote the disabled beings and to make them an acceptable part of the  society.”

Every year the day is celebrated to highlight various aspects and this year’s theme is “TRANSFORMATION TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE AND RESILIENT SOCIETY FOR ALL” to aware people so that they can consider such special people as a part of society. Now there can be many ways of celebrating such events. In schools colleges we can conduct certain awareness campaigns and seminars, the principal said.

Dr. Ayesha said: “usually we observe that in our culture, such disabled children are called with ill names like ‘deaf’ and ‘blind’….. we use such derogatory words, which affect their self-respects as well.

She said the objective to mark the day was to invite special children’s parents and make them feel proud of their performances. “We have a dominant, culture that usually, children are recognized with their parents’ names. On the contrary here, we called the parents up on the stage with their children names, so as to let them know that yes these are your children who are basically giving you a recognition, Dr. Ayesha remarked.

Special Children perform at a ceremony organised by Punjab University Child Welfare Center in connection with the World Day for Special Children

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